head to SteamLibrarysteamappscommonsubnautica, or simply go to your Steam client library, right click the game, properties, neighborhood records, and also browse neighborhood files

Find the .exe for Subnautica, right click and hit properties

under 'settings' set 'Override high DPI' for application

What does this do? explanation here

Merry christmas :D


Not been having any type of significant FPS difficulties because the eye candy upday, yet I'm going to try this and check out if it provides me also even more FPS. Thanks OP.

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holy cow, this actually did make points smoother - and it solved a strangeness I was having actually through the UI having actually facets unexpectedly be off the screen!

I would challenge that this does nopoint other than drop the resolution on some people's 4k screens when they are running in bordermuch less fullscreen. That can additionally be readjusted by dropping the resolution in the initially area.

I'm pretty sure that establishing doesn't carry out anypoint for the game or even majority of games, it's created rare instance scenarios wright here an application or game poorly implements scaling and also Windows requirements to administer a security net. Any advancement being noticed is likely the same if you had actually simply restarted the game to clear the memory.

Unmuch less someone does a complete on benchmark test via and also without this setting, consisting of minimum frameprices, CPU/GPU usage across a few tests and also proves otherwise, most of you are just noticing a placebo or something else is resulting in any type of regarded development.

I have the right to confirm that this does solve a stvariety problem I was having actually - as soon as I had the ability to obtain the progressed materials on this existing playthrough, it puburned the titanium alternative for the food selection off the peak of the display, making it difficult to produce titanium from scrap, this establishing adjustment addressed it, as well as simply kind of renders the UI a better fit in general - likewise I'm running ultrawidedisplay screen at 3440 X 1440 - and current updates had actually the UI components looking stretched till I did this.

Any concept how to execute this on OSX? I made it to the subnautica library and also discovered the exe, however in Get Documents Info (which as much as i understand is the identical for right click>properties in windows) I cannot uncover that option.

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Its not also clear what bug this is meant to deal with. The thread OP links to especially says that the override setting isn't offered for full display screen directX applications (nor would it, because why?)

So namong this is also potentially applicable to OSX. If there is any type of performance distinction, that implies tright here is a problem with the way that fulldisplay screen mode is imposed in Subnautica on Windows. (i very doubt any difference is even more than placebo)


Subnautica and also Subnautica: Below Zero are open people underwater expedition and building and construction games occurred by Unrecognized Worlds Entertainment.