February 2020—Just yesterday, my boyfriend and I picked out my dream engagement ring. (July 2021 update: us are obtaining married later this year!)

Yes, the ring I always dreamed of having yet never thought the day would come the it would land on mine finger.

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Naturally, I had actually to pick up my laptop and also share the true power of manifestation. The was short articles just favor these persons that motivated me come strive because that what i truly desired in a relationship, and today—I’m sharing my path with you.

As a breakup coach, I help people no only move on indigenous a relationship, yet manifest love the fasts and also is what castle intuitively have in mind.

By the way, never ever in a million years did i think I could land the guy that I constantly dreamed of: fiercely loyal; loving; loves me for me; and also is totally cute.

If you’ve opened up this article, and are analysis these words, possibilities are that you’re all set to manifest her dream partner, yet haven’t specifically had success.

Until now.


Taken by my fiancé in the Okanogan the BC, Canada in march 2020.

In this prolonged article (that’s your cue to grab a coffee), i’m going to teach you step-by-step just how I personally materialized my dream guy so that you deserve to start calling her dream human being in right now. In fact, ns going to reveal how you’re doing it just by analysis this article.

Surprisingly, it’s a fun, silly, and awesomely-powerful experience to manifest your partner.

Whatever your dating history is, or also if you’re utilizing your breakup together a means to start manifesting the human you deserve, okay share just how I applied basic techniques to bring my dream guy into my life.

And, of food I’ll share some funny stories and also analogies along the way.

Let’s dive in.

Step 1: recognize you deserve her dreampartner

When you know what you important deserve, the cosmos will provide you someone who will reflect the back come you.

This was a game-changing concept for me.

Did you recognize that at every times, your self-worth is attracting details people into your life?

Simply put, if you are recently damaged up through someone who didn’t treat you right, or did girlfriend wrong in some way, the because — at one unconscious level — you feeling you don’t deserve someone that loves girlfriend unconditionally and also is prepared to commit.

Before you acquire mad at me, here’s just how these unconscious think played out for me personally:

I supplied to day men who would constantly expose that lock weren’t ready to commit, or weren’t best for me. However I simply stuck it out because on a deep level, ns didn’t believe I deserved to be truly loved and also cared because that the method I intuitively want to be.

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Amazing! job 1 is top top the way!

I didn’t yes, really know exactly how to change this, either. However then I started reading short articles like these where the dots beginning to connect.

I was conscious of what I want in a relationship (someone to invest weekends with, who introduced me to their friends and also loved ones) yet somehow that’s not what i was attracting.

I no addressing the reality that i deserved that human being I knew in mine heart.

(PS, if you resonating v this article, ns suggest checking out my Meditation to manifest the man of her dreams)

Truth be told, i was denying myself the the human I was expected to attract by letting my fears gain the finest of me. The fear that said I wasn’t “good enough” for the guy of my dreams.

So today, ns sharing that if you desire to manifest the human being of your dreams, you require to recognize that girlfriend deserve come be love the method you feeling it in your soul.

You worthy to have actually a life full of love and joy.

You deserve a human who spoils you with love and gifts (if presents are what girlfriend like!)

You deserve it all.

If you grew up modestly choose me, then that’s no going to be your herbal default thinking, yet as of today — you’re walking to do your darnedest to do it that way from now on. This is the #1 pointer to manifesting. You need to believe it.


Taken might 2020 in Pitt Meadows, BC, Canada

I had to walk about like i deserved who freaking legit. If ns don’t believe it, exactly how the heck will certainly the man of my dreams believe it?

So today, recite the line I worthy the love ns want.

Recite in in her head every day.

Recite the to your neighbour together you leave your apartment.

Recite it to the human standing up alongside you on the subway top top the means to work who additionally has your headphones in. Allow them know: ns deserve the love i want.

Who to know —most likely, they most likely need come hear the for themselves.

(Who care if they provide you cut-eye, or walk away awkwardly cause you’re freaking ready to manifest the love of her life.)

Step 2: If you have the right to think it, you can haveit

If you deserve to intuitively view the male you desire to date, however haven’t met that yet, you have the right to absolutely speak to him into your life.

But you should do one crucial thing:

STOP hear to people who phone call you that “men aren’t choose that” or “you should be realistic” once it concerns finding someone you want in your life.

Let’s be real…everywhere we revolve that’s what we’re hearing.

All those words typical is that those people just didn’t entice their dream partner, and that’s okay. You on a different path.

Of food if you spending time with people just make the efforts to acquire by, or continually have problems in their relationships, their judgments around your love life are going to be seriously skewed. Right?

Solution: spend time with people who did lure their dream partners, and take in their energy for inspiration and also motivation.

Thank you for analysis this article and learning about someone who HAS uncovered their dream person, and also is encouraging you to see that the ABSOLUTELY, 100% possible (and coming) because that you.

I look in ~ my relationship; it feels surreal and also totally prefer a romantic comedy. as soon as I hear people say the rom-com love isn’t legit, or “that’s not just how love happens” every it means is the their love didn’t take place like that. In ~ this point I sound prefer a broken record.

For me, it is what i wanted. That’s what I’d focus on attracting. That wasn’t around figuring out what’s “realistic” cause what ns see now is that that’s just a label world use to avoid you native achieving what you want and deserve.

I truly believed men who were loving, kind, smart, and totally adorable were real, similar to in the movies.Now, I just needed to wait to uncover them.

True story exactly how rom-coms because that legit real:

I remember loving Ryan Reynolds and also Sandra Bullock in The Proposal, thinking, “this movie is for this reason me.” If girlfriend haven’t viewed it, it’s about a Canadian (Bullock) and how she blackmails her American assistant (Reynolds) into getting married so she deserve to stay in the nation after she visa suddenly expires. They finish up fallout’s head end heels in ~ the end. (Woops, spoiler alert.)

This movie moved me. Ns felt myself being all “that’s what ns want!”

And climate it showed up in mine life one random night in ~ a Casino in Vancouver, BC. One American who—2 years later—would be filing because that a fiance visa because that me to move to the united state to it is in together.

If you deserve to think it, it’s yours. However you require to believe it (Step 1), and also and start thinking the it’s truly real (Step 2).

Right now, think about all the false information (disguised together being “realistic” AKA limiting beliefs) you’ve been fed from civilization in your life (mom, dad — I love you, however your advice wasn’t always resonant for me), and also take what resonates, and also LEAVE THE REST.


But really — leave most that it.

You want to do room for the new, fresh view on dating, and also that method decluttering her beliefs around relationships.

Think of your relationship beliefs like a closet: it’s complete of stuff the (likely) doesn’t fit friend right, and makes you feel type of blah. But, till now, you preserved it, just in case. You’ve got some win pieces, yet the majority just isn’t functioning for you. And because many of it just isn’t installation you the means you deserve, it’s damaging your entire look and also presence.

And yes, maybe I walk just completely clean the end my wardrobe and that’s why I’m consisting of this analogy.

The point is, your relationship beliefs are likely a lot choose those back-of-the-closet, just-in-case pieces the honestly execute ZIP for you.

Clean the end your beliefs just like you need come clean out your closet.

Those old beliefs about relationships have to be thrown in the trash.

I’ve got a good exercise for you to execute in step 3.

Step 3: Get details andcreative

In early 2018, I acquired really an innovative and started telling mine network that i was act a Find-Me-A-Husband Campaign. I would certainly email, call, and text people to send out great vibes to the Universe, and let others recognize that mine intentions to be real. Honestly, this was such a hilarious and also fun way to present my willingness to uncover me a husband. I had no idea wherein this husband would certainly be, so i just declared it wherever ns went.

There’s the vital to action 3: you require to have fun in her process, and component of the is letting yourself be uber-creative. The world wants to watch you having fun law what you called to do (and assumption: v what? that actually increases the process.)

Don’t think being silly and also legit can go hand-in-hand? I have actually emails the me explicate this male to my executive chairman because that a foundation I volunteered for. I boy you not, I acquired so specific…and the cosmos delivered.

But ns got particular about was what ns intuitively wanted. The crucial is to use your intuition, and also not what you “think” friend need—and no what you’re been told to want.

Intuitively, ns knew I want an American male (and ns Canadian together you’ve already read) and I knew he’d be approximately my age, have a degree, be his very own person, and have a loving household you view in the movies.

Check, check, check and check.

(And i didn’t have any type of of those things before, for this reason it’s not like I to be basing that the end of vault experience.)

I just felt like that would be mine guy, and also I felt favor that just because I to be drawn to it, and also not for any certain reason. (I’ll share more about this in my last step.)

Did I know my manifested man would have far better hair than me? No, yet the Universe has quite the feeling of humour.

Back come you: what do you want in a male intuitively? Again, whenever friend hear a voice say, “that no exist” or any other soul-crushing sentence, tell it to F$#K turn off (Step 2).

You’re manifesting, and it’s mandatory (not optional) to it is in deserving of what friend desire (Step 1).

That’s what i did, and I obtained what I wanted on mine intuitive great list, and MORE.

Remember, you worthy the person you view in your heart.

But exactly how will you understand they’re the one if you don’t let yourself feel what the is you important want?

A fun exercise to perform right now: grab a pen and record and write down a list of 8–20 points you just really feel consist of your dream person. THEN, revolve those sentences right into statements that start with “thank you universe for sending me…” and complete the sentence making use of the perform you made. Do a sentence for each items on her list.

Example, if you desire a man with a sexy pair the shoulders (totally my thing!) then you can phrase that as:

“Thank you cosmos for sending out me my dream guy with jaw-droppingly sexy shoulders.”

Use an innovative adjectives, and also go BIG.

The cheat to these affirmations: You deserve to see the statements appears to look prefer they’ve already happened, which is the exact power required to contact in your dream person. As soon as you think it’s already happened, the Universe sends them to you in lightning speed.

I’ll talk an ext on just how quick a manifestation yes, really comes into your physical people in the following section.

Step 4: Understand exactly how “timing” works as soon as manifesting

For me, by the time I created the Find-Me-A-Husband campaign, ns was having actually so lot fun phone call this human into mine life that i trusted the whenever you will do it arrive — it would certainly be the perfect timing.

Funny enough, ns downloaded call in the One: 7 mainly to entice the Love of your Life on audiobook exactly 7 weeks prior to I met my current boyfriend/fiance. If y’all are trying to find a recommendation, there you go.

I swear, ns can’t do this ingredient up. And also you’re analysis this, therefore prepare come amaze yourself in your own journey come finding The One.

Not as you would expect, I just read 2.5 chapters, but frankly, simply the fact that i explored the idea that i deserved to discover the right man for me in 7 weeks verified the universe my actual intentions. Even though a component of me to be like, “that’s too soon,” another component of me said: ns deserve to start calling this in today

Remember, action 1 is learning you deserve this. Step 4 is surrendering to the Universe’s time, yet also permitting yourself to contact things in today — the work you conceive the idea.

Your only job when it pertains to time is to put the intention the end there today, and prepare to it is in blown-away by what come after.

When friend get an imaginative and have actually fun (Step 3) in the process, the cosmos responds so FAST. If you follow the law of attraction (how to attract things into your life making use of energy) then you recognize that the #1 point you need is to feeling good in order come attract. Nothing wait to feel good when you gain it, feel great now.

What have the right to you carry out today to feel great about call in her dream person? Is it watching inspiring Youtube videos of world who found their happily ever after? Is it simply calling increase a friend who you for sure adore and also respect their loving relationship?

I mentioned earlier today the the straightforward fact that you chose to check out this article, out of all days, says you’re ready to manifest your dream person starting right now.

You’re already act it. It’s already happening. And honestly, I deserve to feel how excited you are. That excitement is guidance letting you know that her intentions are being heard, and also you are right on monitor to recognize this magical person.

And remember: you didn’t just uncover this write-up accidentally; everything is strategically inserted in her life at the precise time you require it. Everything.

That’s the strength of the Universe.

Step 5: recognize the universe wants you come behappy

Listen, if there’s one person who to know what that feels favor to acquire discouraged during dating — it’s me.

I dated so countless guys, also my grandmother the various other day pointed the out. (Bless her heart.)

I had actually a dreadful track record prior to meeting mine dream guy, however that didn’t stop me indigenous deciding that i am being sustained in recognize him together of ideal now. (I was constantly supported, yet it was then when I really realized it.)

Nothing wake up by mistake, and sometimes you need to accept that you’ve gone v hell and ago in the dating human being to find someone that deserves you.

The point is, we aren’t mean to live a life without challenges; the what comes after the challenges that display us why we went with them.

Why they were essential for our growth and fulfillment.

So yes, a bad breakup can be the perfect time come rediscover yourself and also find what you require in order to love yourself fully, and attract the right partner for you. This is precisely why I came to be a breakup coach, and also why I continue to allude my client to seeing their true worth, and knowing the what happens, happens for us.

The universe wants united state to be happy; and often, you have to sort v the clutter and also overcome large challenges to see that.

Trust the process.

Step 6: hear to the voice the guides you withoutreason

When i met my male on the random March night in 2018, ns heard a distinctive voice within my head the told me to go speak to “that team of guys” nearby. Ns didn’t even really see their faces, or think much about them prior to that moment. Yet I heard the voice loud and also clear. within minutes, mine now-fiance asked because that my phone call number.

That feeling I can finest describe together a pull, nudge, and/or draw. That this emotion or sense that has actually really recorded my attention, and intrigues me.

We all have that voice the tells us to perform things without us really learning why, and it’s increase to united state to decide monitor that. We are so much more than our mindful minds, and it’s funny to watch where points lead without having actually time come overthink them.

We have to do points that we haven’t done to obtain to places we’ve never been.

I firmly think this.

Have you ever suddenly started thinking around someone and then they contact you that day? This is the exact same concept. You to be either receiving guidance the they were going come call, or you energetically invited them in.

Listen to the voice come which you might reply, “I don’t understand why the came right into my head,” or, “it’s random I’m reasoning this” and get excited. It is the intuitive wisdom revealing other so an effective for you.

To refresh, these space the 6 steps I took to manifest the man of mydreams:

Believe the you truly deserve to find this person

Know the if she thinking that this person, they’re absolutely real (and you simply need to contact them right into your life)

Be fun about how you speak to them in, and also ignore any fake advice about being “realistic”

Know the if she wanting to manifest her dream person, you deserve to start doing the today

Know the world is on your side!

Listen to your inner voice that tells you to take opportunities your reasonable mind can stop girlfriend from taking

I sound favor a broken record once I to speak it is no coincidence the you’ve uncovered this article and also have check out all the means to the end. Trust the you to be led here for a reason.

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Trust that you’re prepared to cure from the disappointments from past relationships; and trust that you space so worthy that the love that your spirit craves.