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This tutorial will present you just how to include a brand-new swatch come a hair.package. It deserve to be supplied to include a brand-new one to a hair girlfriend have developed or one the someone rather created. Please note that if you use this indict to add a swatch to who else"s hair it will not create a whole brand-new .package. Instead it will certainly simply add a swatch come the existing one. This way that it will overwrite the original when you place it in your mods folder. Thus it is recommended the you do this for her own personal use just and, if you have to share a .package choose this, that you acquire permission from the original creator before you re-publishing it.

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What you will certainly need

Sims 4 Studio

A 2D editor qualified of controlling .dds images. Photoshop, GIMP, and are famous choices. Photoshop and also GIMP both need a plugin in bespeak to occupational correctly with .dds images.

Instructions1. Open up Sims 4 Studio and also enter her creator name if you have not currently done so.

2. Click the My jobs button.


3. A navigation box will appear. Browser to where you have actually saved the hair you great to include a swatch to and select it.

4. Click the open button.


5. Click the include Swatch button.


6. You will see a whitesquare show up at the end of the various other colored squares in the Swatch thumbnails box.

7. Click the Export structure button. A box will certainly pop up that permits you to navigate to whereby you desire to save the texture. Name the image and save it.


8. Open up the image you just saved in your 2D editor. It will certainly look something like the photo below. Note that the hair texture just occupies a small component of the large image.

it is located in the top left corner. As soon as you recolor a hair you have to be sure that your new hair structure is located in the precise same place.


9. Dough the texture you want to use as a brand-new layer. I am making use of a texture I uncovered at Jennisims Hair - Textures because that this tutorial. You have the right to see that this square is larger than the area extended

by the hair structure on the image. The will have to be positioned so the only part of it is ~ above the image so that it does not sit on any part of the photo that doesn"t already have hair structure


10. The photo on right reflects what the photo should look favor after you have positioned the brand-new texture end the old one.


11. As soon as the picture is how you desire it save it together a .dds DXT5 (Interpolated Alpha).

12. Make certain you have actually a check mark in the create Mip Maps box.


13. Go back to Sims 4 Studio and click the import Texture box. Navigate to wherein you conserved your new hair texture and also select it.

14. As soon as Sims 4 Studio imports your new texture friend will check out your brand-new hair texture show up top top the model.


15. Click within the an initial Swatch Thumbnail shade box.

16. The color picker box will certainly appear. Usage that to pick a shade for her swatch thumbnail. Keep in mind that the swatch thumbnail shade will not influence the hair"s color. It just affects the thumbnail

you view in the catalog.

17. Click Save and place the .package in your Mods folder. Examine it in the game.


You deserve to add much more swatches and import new textures because that them prior to saving. Girlfriend don"t have to add only one at a time. Also you can reopen the .package and also add more swatches later on if you like. Please post any type of questions around the accuse in this thread.

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