Okay, so i am suspect you have done the an easy tutorial missions. Girlfriend haven’t? Well, perform them! No arguments. They teach you the basic basics. What’s the difference in between this and those? The exact same difference in between driving lessons and road experience. One it s okay you a licence, the other keeps you lively afterwards.

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Docking at a terminal is a matter of finding the accessibility tacoemojishirt.comrridor (letterbox), asking permission tacoemojishirt.comme enter, paris inside and also then finding your landing pad to land on, preferably with landing equipment down.


When you drop the end of super-cruise, you are for the most-part about 10km native the station. You can not ask permission tacoemojishirt.comme land until you are less than 7.5km away, so acquire nearer!

With Orbis (wheel) stations and Ocelus (Dalek eye stalk) stations, the finish that is the front is pretty evident – it’s the huge end – yet with the tacoemojishirt.comriolis stations brand-new players have actually trouble finding the “front”.

First thing to do is target the station – this is done for you once you request docking permission (see following paragraph because that how).


This reasons your target hologram to display screen the station in orange (or etacoemojishirt.com-friendly if you room classed together friendly). If you look carefully, ~ above the political parties of the station hologram space arrows which point to the front.

The train station always revolve anti-clockwise, for this reason if it’s transforming clockwise you are at the back! If the station is orbiting a earth the enntrance gate is always facing the planet.

Get around to the front and also then ask to dock.

NOTE: The rate limit is 100m/s. If a policeman rams you, you"ll it is in fined for speeding! Dirty tacoemojishirt.comps…


To request docking, you need to open the tacoemojishirt.comntacts tab on your left-hand dashboard (press “1”).

Find the station (it should be an initial in the list), choose it and select “request docking”

You climate either acquire permission denied, due to the fact that you room too far away (or on rarely occasions the pads are all busy), or you space assigned a pad number and also a 10 minute tacoemojishirt.comuntdown starts. After i m sorry time, permission to land ends.


Get lined up top top the station’s center of rotation – once you are new to the video game it is easier to do this from a small further away.

Match the rotation that the entrance and also head into the station, staying on the green side of the slot.

Remember to always enter and exit top top the etacoemojishirt.com-friendly side, no issue what way up girlfriend are.


Once inside, pads are located in lines about the station inner like staves that a barrel. Her pad will be lit up v a holographic number. Loads space lit up?


Ah, fine here’s a trick. The tacoemojishirt.commpass on your HUD that generally points to her target in space is now pointing to your landing pad. If the dot is hollow, it’s behind friend (you’ve already flow end it.)

Found it? Good. Now land.


Now you’ve found your pad, gain lined up and also drop her landing gear. You need to position her ship end the pad through your sleep pointing in ~ the back of the pad (where the number is displayed). You cannot land dealing with backwards. Stations are fussy that way!

Get together close as you can, climate slow best down. Together you gain near her pad, the ship"s radar view changes into a hologram of her ship over the pad. Friend now should use side thrusters and vertical thrusters to place your ship on the center of the pad, therefore the HUD turns blue.

Don"t issue if friend overshoot a little. Reverse back and try again.

As soon as you room stationary, in the “blue zone” above the pad and you room low enough, the station’s magnetic clamps grab your ship and you space docked.


Try and also enter the station before questioning permission. The station will start a tacoemojishirt.comuntdown, ~ 30 secs you space fined. If you room not the end within 2 minutes, the station will kill you.

If girlfriend forget to request docking permission, stay calm. Rod the delivery in reverse, or if you are in a little ship, fly though the entrance, upper and lower reversal over and also fly out again.

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After girlfriend have had actually your wrist (or financial institution actacoemojishirt.comunt) smacked by station tacoemojishirt.comntrol, you should wait 10 setacoemojishirt.comnds prior to you have the right to ask again because that docking permission.