In many cultures, that is practice to refer gratitude in some means or another. The dictionary specifies gratitude as follows: that is “the quality of gift thankful; readiness to present appreciation for and to return kindness”. Providing a sincere, thankful solution to someone’s actions or words is frequently the ‘glue’ the keeps relationship together. This is true in most societies! Doing so in a foreign country additionally shows her respect and appreciation because that the culture. Indigenous have an excellent power – use these people sincerely and often!

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So, exactly how do you speak ‘Thank you’ in Dutch? You can learn easily! Below, brings you perfect translations and also pronunciation together you find out the most common ways Dutch speakers say ‘Thanks’ in various situations.


1. 12 methods to speak ‘Thank you’ in Dutch

1- thank you.

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Dank je wel.

The wonder words the can lug a smile to any face. Because that one day, truly mean it whenever friend say this words, and see just how this lifts your heart too!

2- That’s very kind the you.

Dat is erg aardig van u.

This phrase is proper when someone plainly goes out of their method to give good service, or to offer you a kindness.

3- many thanks for your kind words!

Bedankt voor je vriendelijke woorden!

Someone payment you a compliment and also made you feeling good? the is sort of him/her, for this reason express her gratitude!

4- say thanks to you because that coming today.

Dank jullie wel file jullie wilden komen vandaag.

This welcome phrase should be component of her arsenal if you’re conducting much more formal meetings v Dutch speakers. If you hosting a party, this is likewise a good phrase when you greet your Dutch guests!

5- say thanks to you for your consideration.

Bedankt voor uw begrip.

This is a more formal, virtually solemn way to give thanks to someone for your thoughtfulness and sensitivity in the direction of you. It is likewise suitable to use as soon as a aboriginal speaker has actually to think about something you submit, favor a job application, a job or a proposal. You space thanking them, in essence, because that time and also effort they are about to, or have actually spent on her submission.

6- thanks a lot!

Ontzettend bedankt !

This means the exact same as ‘Thank you’, yet with energy and enthusiasm added! It method almost the same as ‘thank you so much’ in Dutch. Usage this in an informal setup with your Dutch friends or teachers.

7- Teachers choose you are not simple to find.

Leerkrachten als jij zijn niet makkelijk dare vinden.

Some phrases are compliments, i beg your pardon express gratitude by inference. This is among them. If you’re an especially impressed v your teacher, this is an excellent phrase come memorize!

8- say thanks to you because that spending time through us.

Dank jullie wel documents jullie de tijd met ons wilden doorbrengen.

Any organize at a gathering with Dutch speakers, such together a conference or a party, should have this under his/her belt! usage it as soon as you’re speak goodbye or busy closing a meeting. The could additionally be an additional lovely way to thank your dutch language teacher for she time.

9- thank you for being patient and helping me improve.

Dank u wel voor uw geduld en om me te helpen beter car worden.

This phrase is an additional sure means to melt any formal or informal netherlands teacher’s heart! to teach is no easy, and also often a most patience is compelled from the teacher. Say thanks to him/her because that it! It’s additionally a good phrase to use if you occupational in Netherlands, and want to say thanks to your trainer or employer. You will certainly go a long method towards making you yourself a famous employee – gratitude is the many attractive characteristics in any kind of person!

10- you the finest teacher ever!

Je bending de beste leerkracht ooit!

This is also an enthusiastic way to say thanks to your teacher by method of a compliment. It can just make their day!

11- give thanks to you for the gift.

Bedankt voor het cadeau.

This is a great phrase come remember when you’re the lucky recipient the a gift. Show your respect and also gratitude v these words.

12- I have actually learned so lot thanks to you.

Dankzij u heb ik ontzettend veel geleerd.

What a wonderful compliment to give a great teacher! It method they have actually succeeded in your goal, and also you’re thankful for it.

2. Video clip Lesson: find out to to speak ‘Thank You’ in 3 Minutes

Wherever your location maybe, manners are a must! and in this respect, the Netherlands is no different.

1- Dank u wel.In Dutch, “Thank you” is Dank u wel.

2- Dank u wel voor alles.Another valuable phrase would be Dank u wel voor alles, which means, “Thank you for everything.” The ingredient voor method “for” and Alles means, “everything.” for this reason the entirety phrase is Dank u wel voor alles.

3- Bedankt.Especially nowadays, a an extremely popular phrase amongst friends expressing gratitude is Bedankt, i m sorry means, “Thanks.” you re welcome remember we have the right to only use Bedankt among friends in casual setting.

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Cultural InsightsQuick Tip

By far, Dank u wel is the most common way to say “Thank you.” Remember, when in doubt, keeping it basic is your safest bet. Girlfriend don’t need to worry around formal or not blocked situations. You have the right to use Dank u wel v just around anyone, anywhere, and anytime. You deserve to say Dank u wel when the waiter brings your food or drinks, as soon as the salesman in the hotel takes your luggage to your room (of course, tipping won’t pains either!), and when someone welcomes you or congratulates you. His or her profession doesn’t matter; Dank u wel will constantly be an ideal response.

On the operation to Netherlands? Wait! you can’t go without some simple language unit volume under her belt! particularly if you’re heading to meet your prospective employer! one of two people in person or online, knowing exactly how to to speak ‘Thank you’ in the netherlands language will only improve their impression that you! saves you time with this short lesson that however packs a punch. Find out to speak ‘Thank you’ in netherlands in no time!

3. Audio Lesson: survive Phrases – say thanks to You


Perhaps you think that unimportant that you don’t know what ‘Thank you’ is in Dutch, or the it’s too challenging a language come learn. Yet, together a traveler or visitor, you will be surprised at how far you have the right to go making use of a tiny bit of dutch in Netherlands!

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At, we sell you a couple of ways of saying ‘Thank you’ in Dutch that you have actually no excuse no knowing, together they’re so basic and simple to learn. The lesson is geared to assist your ‘survival’ in formal and also informal cases in Netherlands, so don’t wait! You will never have to google ‘How execute you say thanks in Dutch’ again…!