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Google deserve to be advantageous for finding an ext than just internet pages. V the tricks defined below, you'll even be able to locate files.

To carry out a find by filetype just way that you"re narrowing down the results to present only the ones that include files. As soon as Google is supplied to uncover files, you have the right to locate books, documents, paper music, Microsoft indigenous files, and more.

records You Can discover on Google

Google deserve to locate a big handful of files, and some are also indexed, an interpretation that you have the right to search for papers that have actually a particular term in them.

This is a perform of simply some of the documents you can find with a Google find (others could be supported, too):

Common record Types Google Supports
FormatFile Extension
Adobe Portable paper FormatPDF
Adobe PostScriptPS
Autodesk design Web FormatDWF
Google EarthKML, KMZ
GPS eXchange FormatGPX
Hancom HanwordHWP
Hypertext Markup LanguageHTM, HTML
Microsoft ExcelXLS, XLSX
Microsoft PowerPointPPT, PPTX
Microsoft WordDOC, DOCX
OpenOffice presentationODP
OpenOffice spreadsheetODS
OpenOffice textODT
Rich text FormatRTF
Scalable Vector GraphicsSVG
Wireless Markup LanguageWML, WAP
Extensible Markup LanguageXML

just how to find By file Type

The filetype command is offered to do a Google file search. Once you use that operator in your searches, the paper extension the you tie v it immediately narrows under all results to display only that record type.

For example, you can search because that PDFs top top Google if you're feather for publications in that file format:


In this first example, we're looking for MS native files, yet the site search eliminates every top-level domain names except EDU sites, and also the inurl command allows us discover only the Word records where the URL has the indigenous resume.

For this search, we're finding PDFs that have actually the indigenous report in them, yet only if the URL also includes 2001. The idea below is to locate papers that have actually been categorized in a 2001 folder on the site's server, which will likely discover reports released in the year.

A KML file search prefer this one reflects custom map files related come the Kansas search term. Some results could include map annotations because that bicycle trails, lakes, vehicle repair shops, etc. You could also find KML files that sheathe a certain map visualization, such as meteors (e.g., search for filetype:kml meteor).

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Can"t find an online game that you provided to love come play? A filetype search for SWF files might help, so lengthy as the video game is accessible as a speed file.