2021: exactly how to enter limit or prevent loss orders on WeBull for stocks and ETFs? exactly how much broker is charging for buy and sell stop loss and limit orders?

Limit and also Stop-Loss Orders in ~ Webull and also How to use Them

Webull has actually a great desktop computer platform and mobile app, and each one supplies stop-loss and limit orders. This order types can be offered on both sides of a profession (buy and also sell). Simply follow the instructions below and also you’ll have the ability to use these orders choose a pro.

What is a border Order?

A limit order is an order to sell a security at or above a details price, or come buy it at or listed below a particular price. Because that example, a limit order to sell TSLA in ~ $1,500.00 would certainly execute only if the share price struggle $1,500.00 or higher. It would not execute in ~ $1,499.99. So the limit order guarantees a particular price.

What is a Stop-Loss Order?

A stop-loss order, together the name suggests, stays clear of further accident on a stock. For example, if AMZN is trading at $3,000 and you don’t want to lose much more than $500 per share, friend could collection a stop-loss stimulate of $2,500. If the stock dropped the far, that would immediately trigger a sell order. This would take you the end of the trade, avoiding a deeper loss. Stop-loss order can likewise be collection for short positions. In this situation, girlfriend would usage a buy-stop order rather of a sell stop.

Limit and Stop lose Orders Commission

Webull does no charge commissions on any type of trades consisting of limit orders and also stop losses.

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Placing Limit and also Stop-Loss order on Webull’s desktop Platform

To location a limit or stop-loss stimulate on the desktop computer system, you’ll an initial need come download and install the software. Alternatively, you can use the platform in ~ a internet browser straight from Webull’s website. In either internet browser or desktop computer version, you deserve to practice placing order in paper-trading mode. Just click the bottom symbol with a dollar authorize ($) in the left-hand menu. This will put you in simulated mode. Stop-loss orders space only easily accessible in live mode. when you’re in demo mode, you’ll see an bespeak ticket with both sell and buy buttons. So click buy or sell, and then pick LIMIT indigenous the drop-down menu labeled bespeak Type. Next, you’ll desire to collection the border price. Remember that for a to buy order, the border is the preferably value; because that a offer order, the border is the minimum price.
~ you have plenty of endure under her belt and also you’re ready to place a live profession with genuine money, you need to leave simulated-trading mode. To carry out this, simply click on any other symbol in the left-hand menu. The best method to lug up the live trade ticket is to go to a security’s graph and also right click it. In the pop-up menu that appears, you’ll gain the continuous order ticket. top top the live ticket, Webull automatically includes two choices for take-profit and also stop-loss orders. Including these 2 to an entrance order creates a clip order. The take-profit is an additional limit order. This locks in a profit. And the stop-loss avoids losses beyond a collection price, i m sorry is the protect against price. Once entering her initial limit order, you deserve to decide the maximum quantity you’re willing to lose and enter the stop-loss order in ~ the start.
Remember that if you’re brief selling, the avoid price will certainly be above the market price. If you get in with a long position, the protect against price will be listed below the entry price.

Placing Limit and Stop-Loss orders on Webull’s mobile App

The process for place limit and also stop-loss orders is really similar. The application offers both simulated trading and live trading. At the bottom of a stock’s profile, you’ll view a profession button.

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This will lug up the bespeak ticket, which is the very same as the desktop’s ticket.

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