The Sims 4 is currently on Steam, and you can carry the content you currently own on origin with friend - through one essential caveat.

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If friend buy The Sims 4 ~ above Steam, you"ll instantly get accessibility to all the various other Sims 4 stuff you already had: that consists of game saves, DLC packs, in-game currency, and virtual currency. Note that it all hinges on you buying The Sims 4 on Steam; your acquisition of the game itself cannot carry over from beginning to Steam. An EA representative evidenced this information for us when we asked around transferring contents from one service to the other.

The Sims 4 chin is a pretty little purchase contrasted to the substantial quantities of expansions and stuff packs that devoted Sims fans have actually assembled by now. It"s also currently top top sale because that 50% off on steam until July 9, happen the price down to $19.99.

EA additionally confirmed that EA accessibility is headed to steam in August. The subscription company includes totally free access to The Sims 4 and some that its DLC as well, so if you aren"t already fully invested in The Sims 4 ecosystem you may want to wait to offer that a shot.

On top of The Sims 4, EA also included Titanfall 2, Dead room 3, and more titles to heavy steam today - having already brought over Mass result 3 and Dragon Age: Inquisition previously this month. You can additionally look front to playing Apex Legends on steam later this year.

EA is likewise hoping to create much more welcoming video game neighborhoods with its brand-new Positive play Charter.

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