Tags have the right to be grouped into data views. These assist keep her segments arranged and carry out the aggregate metrics of your tags.

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Note the the same tag deserve to be added to lot of data views.

To create a brand-new data view:

In the Data Views pane, click on the plus <+> icon.Type in the name for your new view, climate click Create Data View.To include tags, pick existing tags native the drop-down menu, or kind in a new tag and also press Enter. (If girlfriend don’t want to add tags to this view at the moment, click Cancel).Click Save Changes to include tags.Click Yes come confirm.

There are two ways to add further tags to your brand-new data view.

Right-click on a data view and also select Add Tags come View, then follow actions 3–5 above.In the Tags tab, highlight one or more tags, then drag and drop the selected tag(s) into your data view.
Right-click on your data view and also select Remove Tags from View.Choose separation, personal, instance tags or choose Select All to remove all tags.Click Save Changes to remove tags.Click Yes to confirm.
In the Data Views pane, right-click on the data view you want to rename.Click Rename.Type in the new name, then press Enter.

When a data watch is expanded, you can drop keywords right into a tags in that watch to easily tag the keyword.

From the Keywords tab, highlight one or an ext keywords.Command+click (Mac) or Control+click (Win) to highlight number of tags.Shift+click to to mark tags in a consistent range.Drag and also drop the selected keyword(s) into the desired tag in the data view.
In the Data Views pane, right-click on your data view and select Delete Data View.Click Yes to confirm

Backfilling lets you encompass up to six months of historical keyword data in new or re-populated data views.

In the Data Views pane, right-click ~ above the name of a data view.Select Backfill Data View.In the Backfill Data View popup, choose a beginning date for your historic data.Tick the Email crate and kind in your email if you’d choose to be informed when the backfill is complete.Click the Backfill button to proceed.
NOTE: If your data view contains keywords that were included on various dates, this will impact how the data view’s mean and accumulation metrics room calculated. Individual keywords are excluded native calculations because that days where there is no historical data accessible for the keyword.
NOTE: in ~ this time, backfilling a sign or data watch does not backfill that Competitive Landscape tab data or the corresponding tag or data view of any synced sites.

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