Hi I have actually been animating because that a while on various other programmes and I determined to shot out krita. I watched a tutorial, and It looked great but also when ns do specifically what the tuto says, my onion skin is not there. I attract something, go the the next frame and create a blank vital frame, and switch top top onion skin, but the onion skin doesn’t display up. I have tried that on various layers, still same result.

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Which variation of krita and which operating device are you using?

Can you post a fullscreen screenshot (.png) through your man layer, layers docker, Timeline docker and also Onion skin docker visible?

Have friend made sure that you’re paint your animation on a transparent repaint layer?Have girlfriend turned the onion skin on because that the great by clicking the lightbulb icon to the left the frame-0 the the great in the Timeline?

Hello there! I want to try and animate in the newest variation of Krita (version 4.3.0) and also am trying to look because that the lightbulb symbol where you accessibility your computer animation layers, yet it isn’t there.

Would I need to accessibility the onion skin feature through settings --> dockers? would certainly it be in the computer animation panel? i am all ears and also thank you!


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It’s never ever a great idea to include your problem/question to the end of another topic, especially a topic that’s been marked as ‘Solved’. It’s much much better to develop a new topic.

I suggest that you read this section of the manual:https://docs.krita.org/en/user_manual/animation.html

You deserve to also form ‘animation’ in the find box to obtain other pertinent sections the the manual.

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Don’t look at ‘Animation Curves’ for now, they’re a bit progressed and confusing.You need to paint your computer animation on a transparent layer, above the background layer, if you desire to watch the onion skins.You won’t view the lightbulb symbol until her layer is an man layer climate it’s to the left that frame-0.Creating an man layer is described in the manual. Sadly, the hands-on is a bit out of date here and also ‘New Frame’/‘Copy Frame’ are now called ‘Blank Frame’/‘Duplicate Frame’.The Onion skins docker is just for setting up the variety of and nature of the onion skins. E.g colour, opacity. When thats excellent to her liking friend may also close it since it just takes up an are after that.