I view all the agree streamers play organization with your FOV way zoomed out compared to mine. I play top top a laptop so I have low resolution is there any means to zoom the end more?


There room cheats to perform it, however it isn't allowed by riot therefore I'm not going to short article the link. Try decreasing the dimension of your ui, itll assist you see more.

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no... The camera have the right to only it is in zoomed out to a particular degree. There can be miscellaneous to perform with display resolution, however im not conscious of it.

unfortunately you cant. If you mode your customer to match the view of higher resolutions you acquire banned.

which does not really make any sense since they don't ban world for buying higher resolution screens.

You need to up the resolution to achieve what friend want. I recognize what you're talk about, once I had actually my previous computer i might not scroll out close to as much as I have the right to now. It makes a substantial difference.

League's default zoom scales by the elevation of the display. So acquiring a broader screen will give you an ext of a view to the sides. The is the just thing you can do. If you had actually a monitor to run portrait, then you'd be zoomed in even farther.

So gaining a wider screen will provide you more of a see to the sides.

This is no true. Inspect the pictures in mine comment here. Girlfriend see less on 1920x1200(16:10) compared to 1920x1080(16:9). Don't ask me why this is though! A girlfriend of mine called me after ~ seeing few of my screenshot he stated StarCraft 2 had actually the exact same issue.

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Resolution constraints. If her laptop is 1366x768, i beg your pardon I doubt it is, climate you're going to be playing at a disadvantage compared to 900p and also 1080p players. No legitimate way around it afaik. A quick search on Google about supersampling via downscaling or forcing greater resolutions for league yielded nothing useful.


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