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A Ghost of a Chance against Apple

However, the best component is that it has a touchscreen and also reversible hinges i m sorry make provides the laptop two modes: tablet computer or laptop. It’s best for world who gain the portability of tablets but want the raw power that laptops bring to the table. This an equipment is the ideal of both worlds. Stop dive in and see what it’s every about. If you interested in buying one of these babies, continue reading due to the fact that we’ll permit you know what to expect.

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Keep in mental in this testimonial we will be discussing the features and specs of the X360 13-4003 model, various other X360 models have various features and also specs.

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Designed v an aluminum one item chassis, this laptop is extremely durable and looks sleek, modern, and also polished. The political parties of the laptop are smoothed out through perfect corners and polished, it mirrors sunlight, and also looks gorgeous. The main color is silver. The load of the machine depends ~ above which materials are selected before shipping yet the typical weight of this models is in between 3 and 3.5 pounds.



The HP Spectre X360 has many cool features. For starters, it has a touchscreen and foldable hinges, the display folds backwards, converting the laptop right into a tablet computer mode. This is definitely the most far-reaching feature. There room other features as well, such together backlit keyboard, HDMI port, SD card Slot, 3 USB 3.0 Ports, Bluetooth, a webcam, and volume controls. There space a many of features packed into this modern laptop-tablet hybrid. There space four display placement modes: stand mode, “tent” mode, laptop mode, and tablet mode.

Durability and Security

All Spectre X360 models are built with a one piece aluminum chassis and most of the internal materials are soldered come the motherboard because that maximum durability. Home windows 8 operating system offers excellent security against viruses and a free trial the MacAfee antivirus is installed on the maker as well.


A white black color light illuminates every letter top top the keyboard and each an essential is soft and sensitive; incredibly convenient because that office work. The secrets are additionally damp and don’t develop much sound when pressed. Everything is smooth and also sensitive come the touch. On that note, us noticed the the track pad is slightly over-sized and does serve much of a purpose. Still, there’s many of room top top either next of the laptop’s monitor pad to remainder one’s palms. However, us did notice that occasionally users accidently pressed the right computer mouse click button, it’s sensitive, and easy to trigger due to the dimension of the monitor pad. You should additionally know that this key-board is a traditional sized laptop keyboard; it does not have a number pad.


Display and Audio:

The display screen is 13.3” and also the maximum resolution is 1920 x 1080 which is great for the laptop’s size. However, we did an alert that few of the desktop computer icons space a little small and daunting to see, a problem that can be fixed by enhancing the dimension of the desktop icons. However the high meaning is beautiful, and also watching HD movies is no problem, and also the color configuration is great as well. The colors are bright and vivid, wonderful for artists; even games seem to have an ext color 보다 usual. A slim layer of glass consist of the screen to minimize glare and also protect the display screen from damage, the touchscreen is sensitive and also responsive together well. There are a few digital drawing apps consisted of that allow you to check the touchscreen; we noticed that the touchscreen works simply as great as an iphone 6.

Ports and Webcam

There room 3 USB ports and a 1.3 Megapixel webcam. We tested a couple of Skype calls and the quality is excellent. The microphone is also responsive and also we had no problems.


This model, the X360 13-4003 is just one of the greater end models when it pertains to performance. It offers a an effective Core™ i7-5500U 2.5 GHZ processor and 8 GB that DDR3 ram which allows for lightning fast performance. However it is necessary to save in mind that the ram is soldered to the motherboard which means it is no upgradable, i beg your pardon is no a problem since 8GB is plenty for a laptop. It additionally has a 256 SSD difficult drive. In a nutshell, the performance when it pertains to tasks like web browsing and also media, the performance is excellent. Watching high meaning videos top top YouTube is no as smooth as we intended it would certainly be, and also the laptop heated up slightly, yet in all it worked fine. The understandable due to the fact that this device does not have a graphic card. Over there are also only a couple of programs that room pre-installed which allows for quick boot times.

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Even though this maker does have a powerful CPU and also 8 GB of RAM, the is not a gaming laptop. That does not have a dedicated graphics adapter because specialized graphics adapters often tend to weigh more, produce much more heat, consume much more energy, and require far-ranging space. Typically speaking ultrathin notebooks nothing include committed graphics adapters as result of these reasons. Therefore, gaming capabilities are limited, but if you room not a hardcore gamer climate you will notice that you can run some gamings on medium to short settings. Us tested Skyrim and also got around 20 frames per 2nd with tool settings. The graphic adapter is Intel HD 5500 interior graphics.