The recent marshmallow updates for the HTC One M8 has come over the air OTA some days before and also the user deserve to Update HTC One M8 come Android 6.0 official Marshmallow via Settings. >> About Phone. >> Software updates. The users who are still away from the OTA or cannot obtain this updates via OTA deserve to download and also flash that manually. Below is the direct official link and also guide to upgrade HTC One M8 to Android 6.0 main Marshmallow Manually.

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In the guide, you have to download the update package and then use the apply updates option of stock recovery. If you have rooted your HTC One M8 or having actually nonstock recovery climate don’t try to speed this updated build. Also, it has some bugs fixing and also performance enhancement for the users. If you are interested to update HTC One M8 come Android 6.0 main Marshmallow then download the package and also follow the guide completely.

DISCLAIMER: upgrade HTC One M8 just to Android 6.0 official Marshmallow OTA by utilizing this tutorial. HTC One M8 have to official status, share recovery/ not modified. Also, proceed and also flash in ~ your very own risk.


upgrade HTC One M8 to Android 6.0 main Marshmallow OTA.


Fully charge the battery the M8 prior to updating.


Download link of Marshmallow OTA because that HTC One M8 |Official Link|.

File Name: .

Steps to upgrade HTC One M8 come Android 6.0 main Marshmallow.Download and then transfer the OTA zip record into the inner memory of the phone.Turn off M8 and also disconnect native the PC.Boot M8 right into recovery mode via Press and also hold the VOL-down + POWER buttons both at as soon as for a couple of seconds.Once M8 go into into restore mode, choose ‘Apply Updates’ from warehouse there and select the currently transferred OTA zip