Have you ever been for this reason in love the you find yourself thinking, “I am ready to get hurt again, I’ll perform anything for love”? Many human being don’t realize, yet once they have actually been heartbroken, a many them room scared of fall in love and getting pains again. Yet the other times, human being are willing to gain hurt so long as they acquire what they’re looking for.

It might be security, stability, comfort, or simply the sheer fear of gift alone, yet people would take what damages them fairly than endure alone. Love have the right to be facility sometimes and likewise emotionally scarring, since now you’ve obtained a sweet taste of it and also you never want to live there is no this feeling.


But I understood that that still requirements a ‘more 보다 a friend’ in his life. Some human being never change; ns learned the the difficult way. He is a quite guy however what I found is the all nice men aren’t meant for you.

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I have my top priorities set. In contrast, he’s fairly confused around his career, relationships, marriage and also his needs. Probably I’m the comfortable choice, someone to walk to in a crisis.

I’m tho in this ‘more 보다 a friend’ relationship with him, scared that if i left I’d need to go v the hardship that ns went through the last time. I pick this false comfort to conserve me from dying once again. At least I will be alive until I am exhausted once again.

It’s to be over a year, and I still pick to be with him, regardless of all the problems, because of my fear of acquiring hurt and also being alone. Ns wish that I had never began talking come him in the very first place, and after ns did, i wish I had actually the courage come ask the on the very first day if he can ever love me. If ns did, i wouldn’t be suffering today.


1. What is Pistanthrophobia?

It is the fear of trusting others and also getting hurt in a romantic relationship.

2. What come do when she’s scared of gaining hurt?

Give her reasons to trust you.

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She’s more than likely afraid that commitment and also doesn’t want to gain her heart broken again.