album: "Songs for The Sick" (2016)

1. Us Wait2. Fat Fuck3. Drop Dead4. Millions will Burn5. Flower Child6. Contempt Blue7. Tick8. Critical Moment9. Cough Out The Sick

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1. Us Wait

We wait come dieI"m ailing on the insideMy head is fuckedNo motive leftI couldn"t give a fuckI don"t prefer what i am anymoreWhat"ve i becomeI am brokenThrow me downLeave me behindThis entirety place has charred meMindless bodiesSoulless eyesNever sleeping fear sits inside of meRattling approximately constantly making me sickNo one caresRotting ~ above the insideNo one care anymoreSo why the fuck have to II am the sicknessI am the cureI control the light within my love <2x>No manage over mine bodyMy head is fuckedAt times ns wonder why I should take it anymoreI can"t was standing it <2x>Shadows haunt me lock live within my mindSometimes castle speak to meSometimes castle cryBury me enable me to sleepMy heads fucked i cant breatheAlone in this worldSickness lives inside that meThrow the all out Nothing problem anymoreDon"t hold me down once I shot to find peaceAlone i sitWaiting for my head to complete meWalk right into the lightNever are afraid for eternal peace

2. Fat Fuck

You consumeIt provides me fucking sickYou"re like a cancer ns feel I deserve to never kickA dark cloud rain on our paradeWe will eliminate youI wish we could bury youSuck on your vapor prick one more timeSkin, dope, sick, a fucking waste of lifeInhail some more disgusting shitWash it down consume some more you fucking dickRestless foot of a wasted fucking spaceTired eye you fiend for anythingOutburst won"t gain you what girlfriend wantGrown ass man baby friend fat fuckWe"ve watched it all before and still you seem to punch my mindYou"re a coward you item of shitYou hide behind your kid as if you offer a shitFend because that yourself, thrive the posesthe upSuck on her vapor dick you fat fuck

3. Fall Dead

If ns drop dead tonightI to be going under in flamesYou best believe I am acquisition a couple of of you v meI can"t explain the angst in my mindIt"s something that ns can"t quite get away fromIt makes me itch it makes me sickLock me in a roomDon"t ever before let me leaveI don"t care about anyone or anythingGet the fuck away from meTired eyes ns barely sleepThere is something rotting in mine headIt"s death meWhere did ns go wrongI play my cards rightI stayed the courseI allowed you to walk almost everywhere meIt"s making me sickNow I"m sit in a ditchIf ns drop dead tonightI to be going under in flamesYou best think I am taking a couple of of you through meI can"t explain the angst in my mindLock and loadYou don"t want to be anywhere near meI obtained a blood thirst ns can"t seem come explainIf i drop dead tonightI to be going under in flamesYou best think I am acquisition a few of you through meI can"t describe the angst in my mind

4. Millions will certainly Burn

It rips into the fleshCutting right through the bone with a warmth so intenseThe sun pales in comparisonLeaving not even bone however dustShadows charred into cement native the flashNo human being should experience thisThis speed of warm on the fleshDropped indigenous a faceless man travelling supersonicMillions will burnFlesh turned to boneBone transforms to dustRadiation sits on these groundsMaking every exposed sickMass suicide relieves every this painCirculating v their bodiesLeaving not even bone yet dustShadows charred into cement from the flashMillions will burnFlesh turned to boneBone transforms to dust

5. Flower Child

I wasn"t a flower child, ns was a mistakeA one night stand with a faceless manI"m the excrement the a poor decisionNever to give the indict in the appropriate directionI"m the floater, the faceless, the excrementSearch the lands, try to discover just one manHow deep go one hunt"Till the search is deemed worthlessThe head sit on my shoulders is filled with sickI wish that I might vomit the end my discontentA dime, a dozen, throw one more one overboardPull the chordNothing"s going to changeMake amends, know you are never ever going to discover himBury the thoughtsNo remorse, someday you"ll learnHe is goneThis faceless guy to never ever returnCut the chord, time will certainly blur her discontentSoon enough you will learn to live life there is no themDepths that disgust, part for the better, part for worseNo one will recognize your pain without a fatherPull the chordNothings going come changeMake amends, know you are never going to uncover himLet it goA life filled v horrid thoughtsThis depression left you the end in the coldLife walk on, because that the better, because that the worseYou deserve to let the stew or ask it in the past

6. Contempt Blue

He was simply hanging thereStretched out and slightly blueThe look at on his face will never leave mine mindIt was in his eyesA cold however a comfort we strive forYou might see the planned this for quite some timeClean shaven his hair slicked backThought was taken in his last desperate timesSick man thoughts sink inDesperate come cling onto his miserable lifeSick man thoughts sink inDesperate to cling top top itWalk the end to the woods desperate and also tiredWalk the end to the woods sick and also tiredSilent and alone the tries come drink his method outNothing left however this painHis mental spins into fits of rageBlack jacket with mud top top his shoesHe attract his story 4 feet highNothing left no heart in sight, no cold miserable lifeSick guy thoughts sink inDesperate to cling ~ above his miserable lifeSick male thoughts sink inDesperate to cling ~ above itWalk out to the woods desperate and also tiredWalk out to the woods sick and also tired

7. Tick

It started out years agoLong prior to he ever before fucking knewThe mind slows lugged on with ageIt division you down, that rips you come shredsTired eyes, a damaged manThoughts blur with a fucked increase headDead worn down he feels choose a slaveConstantly battling through his own headLoss that words girlfriend can"t stand straightThe sickness is spreading to his brainThis difficult working manA father, bread winnerStricken v his painNo cure because that his diseaseIt"s digging it"s method inIt burrows like a tickEveryone about him look at itHe think he"s doing fineMood swings regulate him nowHe screams, wishing he could die mood swings manage him nowHe screams, wishing he could die Violent outburst, he can barely standThis once strong man, is now a boy againHe now screams all dayEvery fucking nightKicking and screamingNo cure in sightHe lays and also waits to die


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An essential Moment

Create a void within yourselfLocking anyone outShut yourself out to the worldBecoming numb indigenous withinSlow your thinking downDon"t let your mind raceIt only makes points worseYour long life has actually led approximately this crucial momentThink fucking hardThis can be the last time friend could try to revolve it every aroundBreathe inBask in your surroundingsYou can virtually feel the earth spinningAll washed upWorn to the boneFilled with all these fears and insecuritiesLeave me aloneInsecurities room filling in my headI feel prefer they space dragging me downIt"s a sickness rotting in my gutFor fuck"s sake leaving me aloneYour long life has actually led as much as this critical moment

9. Cough Out The Sick

I feel buriedSuffocating top top the dustFalling with the cracks into my mouthCough out the sickIt will never ever work this wayGutted by the emptiness I have inside meKnowing, seeing every this beauty approximately meNothing will certainly ever change thatThe light within me is dimThe wick has actually hit the floorSnuffing itself outThis world"s a motherfuckerYou"re just stuck in itPull the chairGasp because that airSnuffing yourself outThe looks ns getThese bags under mine eyesIt doesn"t eat at me anymoreIt"s a part of meNo working v this sicknessNo searching for a cureCough the end the sickIt will never work this wayGutted by the emptiness I have inside meKnowing, seeing all this beauty around me