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This stand By Me Shirt features the quote "I don"t close up door up, I flourish up and when ns look in ~ you ns throw up." The familiar insult was directed in the direction of Gordie by Vern, Chris, and also Teddy. His reply was "and climate your mom goes about the corner and she licks the up." The black and also white picture shows the four buddies in ~ the start of your journey in the 1986 movie.Take yourself back to the days of your finest twelve year old friends v this i Don"t Shut increase I flourish Up was standing By Me T-Shirt.

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SizeWidth (A)Length (B)
Small 18.0"(46cm) 27.7"(70cm)
Medium 19.0"(48cm) 29.0"(74cm)
Large 22.0"(56cm) 30.0"(76cm)
XL 23.0"(58cm) 31.0"(79cm)
2XL 25.0"(64cm) 32.5"(83cm)
3XL 27.0"(69cm) 33.0"(84cm)
4XL 29.5"(75cm) 34.0"(86cm)
5XL 31.0"(79cm) 35.5"(90cm)

*Bust or chest is done by copy the broad measurement. *For full circumference that the waistline, dual the belt measurement. *Due come the functional nature of our fabrics, permit one customs of sports from this measurements.

Product Type: T-shirts
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