A scrub is a male that think he"s flyAnd is additionally known together a busterAlways talkin" around what he wantsAnd simply sits ~ above his broke assSo, noI don"t desire your number, no.I don"t want to give you mine and, no,I don"t want to fulfill you nowhere, no.I don"t desire none of her time and, no,I don"t desire no scrubA scrub is a male that can"t acquire no love indigenous meHanging the end the passenger sideOf his ideal friend"s rideTrying come holler at meI don"t desire no scrubA scrub is a guy that can"t get no love native meHanging out the passenger sideOf his best friend"s rideTrying to holler in ~ meBut a scrub is checkin" meBut his video game is kinda weakAnd I recognize that he cannot approach me"Cause I"m lookin" favor class and also he"s lookin" favor trashCan"t gain with a dead-beat assSo, noI don"t want your number, no.I don"t want to offer you mine and, no,I don"t desire to fulfill you nowhere, no.I don"t desire none of your time, no.

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If you don"t have actually a car and you"re walkingOh yes, son, I"m talking to youIf friend live at residence with her mammaOh yes, son, I"m talk to you, babyIf you have a shorty but you don"t show loveOh yes, son, I"m talking to youWanna obtain with me with no moneyOh no, ns don"t want, no, ohNo scrubNo scrub, no, noNo scrub, no, no, no, no, noNo scrub, no, noNoSee, if friend can"t spatially increase my horizonsThen that leaves you in a course with scrubs, never risingI don"t discover it surprising if girlfriend don"t have actually the GsTo you re welcome me and bounce from here to the coast of overseasSo, permit me provide you something to think aboutInundate her mind with intentions to rotate you outCan"t forget the emphasis on the photo in front of meYou together clear as DVD on digital TV screensSatisfy my appetite through something spectacularCheck your vernacular, and then ns get earlier to yaWith diamond-like precisionInsatiable is what ns envisionCan"t finding acquisitionFrom your friend"s expeditionMr. Large Willy, if you yes, really wanna knowAsk Chilli, might I it is in a silly ho?Not reallyT-Boz and also all my señoritasAre steppin" on her FILAsBut girlfriend don"t hear me, though
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The album"s lead single released on the second of February 1999. It was TLC"s 3rd number-one single on the Billboard warm 100.
The single version that this song contains a rap written by Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes, yet it to be not consisted of on the album"s version. It later appeared as a shorter edit top top "Now and Forever: The Hits" (2003).
This track won 2 Grammy awards: "Best rate & Blues Song" and "Best valuation & Blues power by a Group".
The group Sporty Thievz exit a solution song from the masculine perspective dubbed "No Pigeons". Radio stations play it and "No Scrubs" back-to-back.

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A couple of lines on Ed Sheeran"s fight "Shape the You" space sung come a melody i m sorry is very similar to the one offered in chorus that this song. Sheeran included "No Scrubs" songwriters to the credits that his song.