The memoir I Don’t desire to be Crazy, by Samantha Schutz, is a harrowing true story the chronicles the battles of a girl with anxiety disorder during one of the most pivotal stages of she life – college. Like countless young adults, Samantha was excited through the possibilities and new experiences the college would certainly bring. She meets brand-new friends, meets some boys, goes to parties, and dabbles through recreational drugs. However, anxiety and also panic strikes quickly consume her life. Throughout the book, we learn around the symptoms she experiences and follow her journey of seeing miscellaneous therapists and also taking a variety of medicines that just seem to work for a small while before she has actually to shot something new.

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“My entirety life has changed, or at least I think that has. It’s hard to phone call what would have actually been, what i would have been, if ns never had anxiety disorder.”

I love the free-verse poetry layout that this publication was created in, and also it was unlike any kind of other memoir I’ve ever before read. I felt choose I was reading Samantha’s personal journal, and it is a an extremely easy read. It was an absolute page-turner, and also I was gripped by the story from the beginning. Ns finished this book admiring Samantha’s courage to tell her story and also her honesty. Together someone who struggles with anxiety, this book was exceptionally relatable, and also I discovered myself underlining quotes and dog-earing pages. I think my favourite thing about this publication is it helps to reduce the stigma of psychological illness and shows the leader that it is okay to ask for help. It also illustrates the importance of having actually a support system like Samantha does v her girlfriend Rebecca.

Even though the endure of stress disorder is not the exact same for everyone, i recommend this publication to anyone who suffers from anxiety or knows someone with stress and anxiety or scare disorder and wants to far better understand what they room going through.

Like Samantha, millions of civilization are affected by various mental health conditions. May is Mental health and wellness Awareness Month, and this publication helps highlight living with the Dementors brought on through anxiety. Us at room working to actors Expecto Patronum and rid ourselves of Dementors.

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A copy the this book was listed by the publisher, Scholastic, because that review.

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