Imprisoned glam rock pioneer Gary Glitter would certainly be ruined to hear Sweet Spirit"s new single. "The Power" not only unfolds with the exact same pounding floor tom as his signature "Rock & Roll component 2," it endangers to unseat the 1972 opus together the genre"s most compelling offering. The song, already dominating regional airwaves, includes all the makings that a radio anthem: a universal message of overcoming youthful insecurity, a memorable chant ("I gained the power here inside that myself"), triumphant melodies inside grungy etc riffs melt right into horns and also keys, and quirky talked word sections. "When i was a little girl, my mama gave me a bowl cut and also told me i looked like Dorothy Hamill," confesses Sabrina Ellis in the breakdown. "Everywhere we went people would say, "What a cute small boy!" well I"m all grown increase nowwwwwwww!" Austin"s pre-eminent frontwoman clear sidestepped ending up being a figure skating icon throughout the Seventies, yet on Sweet Spirit"s sophomore full-length, she emerges together an Olympian singer. Ellis" enormous musical personality didn"t totally translate ~ above the homegrown nonet"s celebrated 2015 debut Cokomo, yet nowwwwwwww, St. Mojo – created by Los Lobos multi-instrumentalist Steve Berlin – pushes she dynamic juggling of humor, heart, and hysteria come the forefront. The melodically gifted band, co-led through soulful rocker Andrew Cashen, arrives equally transformed, embracing its standing of according to pop revolutionaries and also stretching into new stylistic corners elevating Sweet soul from the "indie rock" ghetto. Thus spins a diverse platter that shooby-doo-wop (Cashen"s album to mark "Pretty Baby"), melodramatic piano suites ("The Mighty," "The better It feels Today"), Loretta Lynn-style country ("Far from Home"), party garage rock (Baywatch ode "Pamela"), and modern radio bait ("Salvation"). Any kind of track off the 11-pack might be a solitary for your mean band, but couple of groups today complement the mojo that Sweet Spirit. (CD release: Barracuda, Fri., in march 31)

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