"I have actually No Idea What I"m Doing" is a catchphrase regularly used in photo macro captions featuring photos the animals, generally canines, posed together if they room performing tasks associated with humans, in a comparable vein come "Yes, This is Dog" and the Dog fort comic series.

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The earliest well-known appearance the the photo of a golden Retriever posing with a camera showed up on the Hong Kong Wordpress website Photoblog<6> top top November 20th, 2010. On February 27th, 2011, a photoshopped version was posted by Ben Grelle (a.k.a The Frogman) come his Tumblr<1> blog through the inscription "I have no idea what I"m doing." The write-up received end 5,000 notes in much less than a year.



On march 3rd, 2011, Frogman"s photo was it is registered to Reddit<2> and reached the front web page accumulating 3,609 up votes before being archived. In the thread, Frogman responded through a complain that his watermark had been cropped the end of the image, and provided a attach to his initial post.


The earliest known circumstances of the chemistry dog through the "I have actually no idea what I"m doing" caption was posted to the Lolabego Tumblr<4> ~ above June 17th, 2011.


Bailey the gold Retriever

On December 2th, 2011, an image of a dog sitting at a laptop attach by the catchphrase to be submitted to the /r/funny<10> subreddit and also reached the front page accumulating over 4,500 increase votes in ~ 6 weeks.


On October 15th, 2014, Redditor Golden_Bailey it is registered a photo gallery that the dog title "Remember the "I have actually no idea what I"m law dog"? ns am her owner and here is a little album of more(better) photos of her" come /r/aww.

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<12> on January 8th, 2018, Redditor Golden_Bailey it is registered another collection of photographs identify the dog together Bailey to /r/pics,<11> whereby the original desk picture was consisted of (shown below). In the gallery, Bailey"s owner revealed she had passed away due to symptom from bone cancer in beforehand 2016. In ~ 24 hours, the post garnered upwards the 124,000 clues (88% upvoted) and 2,300 comments.