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The song Showers that Blessing was composed by Daniel Webster Whittle, who lost his best arm throughout the polite War and also became a prisoner of war. During his hospital stay, he came to be a Christian. You have the right to read much more of his life here.


Ezekiel to be a priest who mission to be to provide warning to the youngsters of Israel. The publication of Ezekiel is not straightforward read, because that there is lot sin, idolatry, killing, and destruction throughout the book.

Yet for your sins, God gives Redemption. He guarantees blessings when human being obey and also follow Him. Every time I check out through Ezekiel and also come to 34:26, i think that the song Showers of Blessing.

And I will make them and the areas all approximately my hill a blessing, and I will send under the showers in their season; they shall be showers the blessing.

Elijah and also the sound of variety of rain

Elijah to be a prophet who faced complicated times fulfilling God’s call on his life. One of my favorite stories of Elijah takes ar on mount Carmel.

After three years of famine in Israel, Elijah met through prophets the Baal on mount Carmel. There, false prophets prayed, danced, and also cut themselves with knives, phone call on Baal to hear them. Finally, Elijah rebuilt the altar and also had his servants pour water ~ above the altar and also in the trenches. As soon as he prayed, fire flashed under from Heaven. Just like that.

That’s when Elijah said King Ahab, “Get up and eat. Because that there is a sound of abundance of rain.” God does things abundantly. Never ever forget that!

Elijah sent his servant to look for rain 7 times prior to the the smallest cloud appeared in the sky. However God had promised, and Elijah believed. The sky darkened; the rain came; and also the dryness was ended!

Hosea, a various abundance the rain

Hosea was a prophet commanded by God to marry Gomer, an adulterous woman. Hosea’s life proclaims redemption. In Hosea 10:12, the proclaims:

Sow come yourselves in righteousness, reap in mercy; break up your fallow ground: because that it is time to look for the Lord, till he come and also rain righteousness top top you.

The blessings of variety of rain

Rain replenishes the earth; it provides great soil because that growth. Rain washes, cleanses, renews, refreshes, and also restores. The sound that rain should cause us to praise God. The symbolizes His care and His abundance.

The kids of Israel lived in captivity; the promise the showers of rain gave depth to the truth that God to be still watching and caring because that them. After 3 years of no rain, the sound of variety of rain announced that the drought was over. Hosea, the forgiving husband, symbolized the Bridegroom and also His church – expanding grace and mercy.

So that is through our Father. That showers us through grace, through mercy, and with abundance. Permit the sound of variety of rain provide you factor to thank God – and also rejoice!


The Lyrics:


There shall be showers of blessing: This is the promise that love;There chandelier be seasons refreshing, sent from the Savior above.

CHORUSShowers the blessing, Showers of blessing us need:Mercy drops round us room falling, but for the showers we plead.

There shall be showers that blessing, priceless reviving again;Over the hills and also the valleys, Sound of abundance of rain.

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There shall be showers that blessing; Send them upon us, O Lord;Grant come us currently a refreshing, Come, and now honor Thy Word.

There shall be showers the blessing: Oh, that today they could fall,Now regarding God we’re confessing, now as ~ above Jesus us call!

Lyrics: Daniel Webster Whittle (Nov. 22, 1840 – Mar. 4, 1901)Music: James McGranahan (July 4, 1840 – July 9, 1907)