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- Okay, ns didn\"t know. Well, you need to know.

- space you mad in ~ me? - No.

- friend sure? - Yes, I\"m sure. Just do your job. Okay.

- Ah. Wow. What\"s this?

- This is the north Pole. No, it\"s not. Yes, the is. No, it\"s not. Yes, it is. No, it isn\"t. Yes, it is. No, it\"s not. Where\"s the snow?

- Why you smiling like that? -I just like to smile. Smiling\"s my favorite.

- Make work your favorite. That\"s your favorite, okay? work is your new favorite. Fine.

- It\"s time because that the announcement. Okay.

- Okay, people, morning morning, 10 a.m., Santa\"s coming to town.

- Santa! Oh, my God! Santa, here? I understand him. I understand him.

- He\"ll be here to take images with every the children.


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You sit ~ above a throne of lies.
Have a great day. Oh, ns forgot to offer you a hug.
He\"s an angry elf.
My two optimal writers, my cracked team, my fun squad... You come in right here pitching me the idea that hiring one more writer? -Yeah. Miles Finch.
There\"s room for everyone on the pretty list.
Elf (2003) Sound Clip


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Actors: will certainly Ferrell (Buddy the Elf), James Caan (Walter Hobbs), Zooey Deschanel (Jovie), mar Steenburgen (Emily Hobbs), Ed Asner (Santa Claus), Bob Newhart (Papa Elf)

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