Oh mine Momma (Momma)On mine Hood (Hood)I Look paris (Yeah)I Look an excellent (Good)Touch my Swag (Swag)Wish You could (Could)I Look paris (Yeah)I Look an excellent (Good)I Look great (Good!)Hundred on a neck wareFifty top top a stop-watchGlaring at the diamonds do ya bust it infant hop-scotchOver here to my spotSay she wanna partyI do it huge baby favor my L.R.G.Show the air-harded winnerFeeling like a rock bandEighty-seven jeans and also white-T as soon as on the block manJay"s quiet rockingForces quiet movingChuck Taylor"s killingAdidas tho groovingLocs on my faceBut that"s simply the frontTake em off and show the haters as soon as I wanna stuntGet"cha high like a bluntRolling increase the bestFruity Pebbles obtained a hand rolling up mine chestWith me you don"t wanna chaos mayne touch my (swag)Shopping turn off the bandanna do ya litter the white (flag)Get it to the whip gameMomma had actually the breadPaint grain mrs that"s white-banger do ya legMayne!Oh my Momma (Momma)On mine Hood (Hood)I Look paris (Yeah)I Look good (Good)Touch my Swag (Swag)Wish You can (Could)I Look fly (Yeah)I Look great (Good)I Look great (Good!)Ballin" is a drugThat i don"t psychic abusingGucci top top my body Jay wade in the fusionsHit the La-Tex get it poppin" in the lusionsTell ya right currently plexing capture the tusionsWho lights the fan?Hot favor a flameBoys throw a Haterade top top me tho ain"t his thangDouble shots rainHand on patronRound of that white and also all theShawty jocking my caloneGreed it"ll do ya hurtThree hundred a bottleThirty dollars for a squirtGot"cha sweating out"cha shirtYou can acquire the bizSumthin" top top ya mindWhat the do, what it isCan"t close your eye lidsSee the fid in the fiddyYup, guilty I"m ballin" however I better finna stop itGone in a minuteProbably ain"t thoughI placed it in ya challenge bro, I stay throwedOh my Momma (Momma)On my Hood (Hood)I Look paris (Yeah)I Look good (Good)Touch my Swag (Swag)Wish You can (Could)I Look paris (Yeah)I Look great (Good)I Look an excellent (Good!)Shawty"s in the society yeahSee a the majority of beep beepGucci and Nechay and also B.C.B.GDolce & Gabbana oh I want em I"m a pardon meRocking your republic to apologize Bottom in that AR and also BSlowly to part R&BThink we require some R&RTake me come the V.I.P. And drop me choose a Farram carHop in my violet labelRalph Lauren collarLook like moneySmell prefer dollarsShawty watch sexySmell choose PradaChristianPop a Grey Goose bottleAnd let"s bring onGrip ya baby fetletTrojan me lug me homeThuggin" do ya momma moanGot a Blackberry phoneTry"na catch me sliding in a hostel-dairionYa do the band choose Sean ColeTwo fly to be shownC.H.A.L.I.E. I"m goneMayne!Oh my Momma (Momma)On my Hood (Hood)I Look paris (Yeah)I Look good (Good)Touch mine Swag (Swag)Wish You could (Could)I Look paris (Yeah)I Look good (Good)I Look great (Good!)