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Synonyms: I'm the Protagonist of a Harem Manga, however I'm happy so mine Life Sucks, I'm the main Character the a Harem Manga, yet I'm gay So Every job Is Hell because that Me, Harem Manga no Shujinkou daga Douseiaisha nanode Mainichi ga Tsurai
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SynopsisTouge Yuugiri is a chick magnet. Without lifting a finger, girl vie because that his attention, "accidentally" topple ~ above him, or even invite the to spend some distinct time alone—it's nearly as if he is the protagonist that a harem manga! but Touge can not care less about the attention, as he is gay and also feels nothing in the direction of the the contrary gender's affection. Yet every his attempts come escape, reject, or scare them away have actually the finish opposite effect, only intensifying the girls' admiration—as if part cosmic interference was at work. Bombarded by nonsensically perverted situations and unwanted sentiments, Touge's life spirals right into a life hell, truly reflecting how one man's dream deserve to be another's nightmare.


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This is a spoiler cost-free review, even though over there isn't yes, really anything come spoil, LOL. This is easily one that the funniest manga I've read, through far. Obviously, feeling is subjective and also some readers might or may not agree through me, but personally I took pleasure in it. It's also a good "baby's very first manga" to acquire some civilization into analysis manga. (Since, of course, the a one shooting manga, and also it's quite funny)

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Nowadays through Japan pumping up share harem manga together if there's no tomorrow, in a possible scenario, once our rookie mangaka man Kataoka-sensei was reading something prefer Rosario to Vampire, he observed a perfect as soon as in a lifetime chance and said "What if the main guy was gay?" through gay, i don't average uninterested in having actually sexual intercourse v the the contrary sex like the bulk of harem mc's, but literally gay, homosexual. Add hilarious facial expressions and you acquire this nice little one shot the is just great.There isn't much to review, and the name perfectly summarizes what the plot is about. "I'm the Protagonist that a Harem Manga, yet I'm gay so my Life Sucks" Yep, friend guessed it right, the is about the day-to-day life that a gay mc of a harem manga and his encounters through usual romcom situations you can only watch in anime and also manga. There isn't much of a story, that is a sloppy created satire the romantic comedy genre with the emphasis of humor. Speak of humor, the is amazing. If this guy was in OreImo, the location would've to be "My small sister yes, really isn't that cute." some girl is making breakthroughs to our guy, but he is gay so he renders up hilarious excuses. Repeat.If friend at least seen a couple of cliche harem anime/manga, what are you wait for, read it!