"I never ever Asked for This, sometimes misquoted "I Didn"t Ask because that This", is a memorable quote claimed by the protagonist that 2011 video clip game Deux Ex: human being Revolution Adam Jensen. Provided as the very first line of conversation in the official trailer of the game, the quote later gained significant popularity in memes, being merged with pictures of Jensen to be provided as a reaction and utilized as I never Asked for X snowclone.

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On march 12th, 2010, the official reveal trailer for then-upcoming video game Deux Ex: human Revolution premiered<1> (shown below, left). In the trailer, key character Adam Jenses says "I never ever asked because that this" in reference to his cybernetic augmentations.

On December 13th, 2010, the extended cut CGI trailer because that the game premiered<2> (shown below, right), v the line again gift used.

In the game, Jensen deserve to optionally speak the expression while talking to NPC Cassandra Reed throughout "Motherly Ties" side quest (gameplay video shown below).<3>

- ns can"t gain over just exactly how much they"ve… readjusted you/ at first, i couldn"t even believe you were still alive. Just how do girlfriend handle every one of this?- I never asked for this. They speak they saved me, but I"m not sure conserved is the right word.

On February 4th, 2011, Neogaf user Kinyou<4> make a post in i beg your pardon they wrote that they might not get the line "I never asked because that this" out of your head.

The line gained well-known recognition in mid-June 2011. On June 15th, 2011, Neogaf<5> user Dizzy-4U provided the line as a humorous an answer in a thread. Top top June 23rd, 2011, Neogaf<6> user NIN90 reacted through the line to an image posted by an additional user.


The meme gained further spread ~ above Neogaf and also 4chan in the complying with months. ~ above July 20th, 2011, one month prior to the game"s official release, YouTube<4> user purpleleantx posted a clip the Jensen speak the phrase taken indigenous the leaked demo version of the game. The video clip received end 700,000 see in ten years. One more upload, do by YouTube<5> user JackobKreuztraeger on respectable 28th, 2011, received over 195,000 views in the exact same period.

The viral spread out of the catchphrase in mid-2011 was adhered to by its use in photo macros featuring Jenson in the following years. One Advice animal template for the image was developed on Memegenerator (example displayed below, left). Additionally, the catchphrase saw usage as "I never ever Asked for X" snowclone format and also has appeared in pan art (examples displayed below, center and right).


On June 24th, 2016, the main Twitter account because that Sonic The Hedgehog supplied the meme to respond come a tweet by the official Twitter account for Deus Ex (shown below).


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DeusEx august 23rd can"t come shortly enough. #AskSonic pic.twitter.com/CN34n3TCw2

— Sonic & Eggman (
sonic_hedgehog) June 24, 2016

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