I Repeat Myself as soon as Under Stress offers a watch at few of the strategies of repetition that artists use this day to fulfill the demands of history and the emotion of impotence that numerous experience in the light of cultivation economic destabilization and the long-term state of war in miscellaneous parts of the world.

The exhibition is presented in a solitary darkened hall where the interweaving that the different imaginative positions is allowed. Tris Vonna-Michell presents fragments of studio wall surfaces where slides the Detroit’s cityscape room projected. His haptic visual journey is add by numerous narrations – some personal, part appropriated, some about Detroit, rather not. Hans Schabus displays a model train the was previously installed in his studio in Vienna, retracing the studio borders over and over again in the cavernous an are of MOCAD. Ceal Floyer’s mesmerizing projections duplicate straightforward phenomena in durational time while destabilizing literal meaning meaning.

I Repeat Myself when Under tension is a teamwork of Siemens arts Program and also Museum of modern Art Detroit, maintain by Trevor Smith and Thomas Trummer.

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Artists: Ceal Floyer (Berlin)Hans Schabus (Vienna)Tris Vonna-Michell (Stockholm)

CuratorsTrevor Smith, Curator of contemporary Art (Peabody Essex Museum, Salem, MA)Thomas Trummer, task Manager because that the visual Arts (Siemens arts Program)

Co-OrganizersMuseum of modern-day Art Detroit (MOCAD) and also Siemens arts Program

Publication: Four publications published and also designed through 38th Street Publishers, brand-new York, www.38street.com;I: ns Repeat Myself once Under anxiety Reader, Trevor blacksmith & thomas TrummerII: searching for the countless Column, Hans SchabusIII: Ceal FloyerIV: Tris Vonna-Michell

VenueMuseum of modern-day Art Detroit (MOCAD)4454 Woodward AveDetroit, MI 48201, USA

Museum hours11–8, Thursday & Friday,and 11–5 on Wednesday,Saturday and Sunday,unless otherwise posted.

For more information walk to www.mocadetroit.org or www.siemensartsprogram.com


Siemens AGSiemens art ProgramWittelsbacherplatz 280333 Munich, GermanyTel.: +49 (89) 636 33587Imke.list

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