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I Went to India, Not Indiana refers to a viral joke by comedian Skweezy Jibbs in which he claims to have accidentally traveled to India after mixing it up with Indiana. Starting in mid-October 2019, the exchange gained popularity as an exploitable on Facebook and Reddit, with the memes imagining Skweezy mixing up similarly-named places.


On February 2nd 2019, comedian Skweezy Jibbs posted a screenshot of a humorous WhatsApp exchange to his social media. In the exchange, Skweezy claimed that he had accidentally traveled to India after mixing it up with Indiana (shown below). On Facebook, the post received over 13,000 likes in nine months.<1>



On February 5th 2019, Instagram user shitheadsteve reposted the joke, with the post receiving over 158,900 likes in nine months.<2> In the following months, the post was shared on Reddit, Twitter, Facebook and other online platforms multiple times.<3><4>

On October 15th, 2019, Facebook user Omer Masood posted an Oblivion edit of the meme to Nirnposting Facebook group,<5> where it gained over 3,100 likes in one day (shown below).


On the following day, more similar edits were created by users in Facebook groups and on Reddit. For example, a post by Redditor SexyGungan69 in /r/PrequelMemes subreddit gained over 45,900 upvotes in one day.<6>




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