Kamala Harris is a corrupt cop who desires to be President and also there is naught that would certainly convince me to vote for any kind of party that puts she on your ticket. Picture from Reason.com.

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The Democrat party is not on her side.

It has never been on her side. Ns was just as angry once Donald Trump was voted right into office earlier in 2016 but I’ve learned a lot because then. I offered to be a totter voter and constantly skeptical the the perception that the Democrat party to be the lesser of two evils contrasted to the Republicans.

Ever because I was in college, I constantly believed that voting was one of the most essential things you might do. Ns don’t think that anymore. In fact, I’m not voting this year. Specifically after finding the end that Joe Biden chose Kamala Harris as his to run mate. I was never ever a pan of Biden — i didn’t prefer the Obama/Biden administration and really disliked him through the entire autonomous Primary. Kamala Harris is most likely the worst possible choice for a angry President. People always talk around how scary points will it is in if trump wins re-election, which is true, yet I never ever hear around the terrifying ramifications of having actually someone like Kamala Harris in high office. I even have whole episode of mine podcast whereby journalist Lisa Snowden-McCray (Baltimore Beat, Baltimore Sun, real News Network) and ns talk about why Kamala Harris is a corruption politician and an enemy to working course communities.

Since Kamala Harris gone into the presidential race last year, one expression keeps comes up over and also over again: Kamala Harris is a cop.

“To brand someone acopin this means is never to invoke the best actions one can expect native police officers. It means the person is a bully, a bootlicker, a professional tattler—the type of person who shuts under un-authorized lemonade stands run by kids. A cop, in this context, is someone that will constantly defer to authority and the status quo, someone that is unaccountable and not to be trusted. Calling someone a cop invokes the worst sorts of police overreach, a legalistic authoritarianism that exists because that its own sake.” (Kamala Harris is a Cop Who desires to be President, Reason)

“During her 28-year tenure together a ar prosecutor, ar attorney (D.A.), and state attorney general (A.G.), Harris showed quite willing to live approximately the epithet. In the general public eye, she speak of gyeongju justice and also liberal values, bolstering she cred as one of the autonomous Party"s increasing stars. But behind closed doors, she repeatedly fought for much more aggressive start not just of violent criminals, but of people who cursed misdemeanors and also "quality of life" crimes.

Every attorney basic fights because that state power and police prerogatives. It"s part of the job. However over and also over again, Harris went beyond the contact of duty, fighting for harsher sentences, bigger bail requirements, much longer prison terms, more prosecution of petty crimes, better criminal justice involvement in low-income and minority communities, less due procedure for world in the system, less transparency, and also less accountability for negative cops.” (Kamala Harris is a Cop Who wants to be President, Reason)

Because of these policies, Kamala Harris directly supports and also aids the prison industrial complex, i beg your pardon is one more topic ns am walk to be writing around in the future. Prisons in the US space concentration camps for the poor. They room the brand-new slavery.

ACAB method All Cops are Bastards and that method Kamala Harris too.

If you support Black stays Matter, girlfriend cannot likewise support Joe Biden or Kamala Harris. Friend can contact it ton deaf or girlfriend can call it a slap in the challenge that throughout the biggest civil rights movement in united state history, Joe Biden, the writer of the 1994 Crime Bill, chose a woman by the nickname optimal Cop as his running mate in one election that is much less than three months away. Biden and Harris and the Democrat party stand against everything the the black color Lives matter Movement is fighting for.

The 1994 Crime Bill the Biden authored was one of the most catastrophic piece of racist legislation in the last century. The is a billthatintentionallyled torecord-breakingmass incarceration, placing himself to the appropriate of evenReaganandBush. (A overview to the 2020 democratic Candidates You should Not poll For, Weston David Pagano)


Under a Biden presidency, ns predict the the suppression and demonization that protesters will certainly be also worse.

Expect come see an ext surveillance and policing. Expect to see less flexibility of decided and much more press repression. And also because it is comes from the Democrat party, with their obsession with identification politics and meaningless symbolic gestures prefer renaming city streets “Black Lives matter Avenue”, couple of will resist. Leftists that protest a Biden/Harris management will be depicted not as progressives but as radical right-wing extremists or MAGA supporters. It will be AWFUL. The Democrat party is actively trying to crush the left an ext than Trump and Bill Barr ever before were. This is not debatable.

I have very tiny faith in liberals.

So plenty of of lock only came to be political since they hated Trump but they fail to realize that Trump is no some singular aberration. That is not abnormal. The just difference in between him, Obama, Bush, Clinton, Reagan and also any various other neoliberal president is the he says the quiet component out loud — Trump’s dull rhetoric and also complete ignore for politics correctness and legal after-effects is a central part that his presidency. Everyone else exercised false modesty while talk in platitudes (though their actions clearly show they had actually the same neglect for person decency together Trump).

If Biden is elected president, he will not be resisted. Liberals will go back to pretending every little thing is ok. Just like they ignored every one of Obama’s dreadful policies and actions. The reason is because Obama’s charisma and also sociopathy to be unparalleled. As long as they played up his Messianic public speaking skills and his identity as a black color man, they were able to accelerate the decline in this country by robbing the functioning class and the middle class blind, every while drone-bombing civilians in six various countries. Many liberals would certainly be very surprised to find out that Obama has actually caused more damage, misery and death abroad than George W. Bush. That deserves as much hate as Donald Trump.

While we’re at it, previous Obama national security torture Susan Rice is likely to it is in Biden’s pick for Secretary the State. An additional horrible pick!Just like George W. Bush’s administration, a Biden administration will to fill his cabinet with various ethnicities and also women, all in the name of diversity. Yet none the these human being will it is in progressive. Lock will have actually the exact same corrupt tendencies and also policies as all the cabinets that came before them. What is the allude of diversity if it’s just corruption and imperialism but carried out by women and also people of color?

There is absolutely no difference between the Democrats and also the republic anymore.

Voting will not change anything other than for the media narrative. Biden is nothing much more than trump with far better manners. Over there is no “harm reduction” in instead of Trump with Biden. There is no pulling Biden left once he’s in office. Over there is no “vote him into office and also hold that accountable as soon as he’s there.” Liberals did not hold Obama accountable one little the entire 8 years he remained in office. If Trump might be obsessed with appearing solid and popular, Biden and also the Democrat party space neoliberal, neofeudalist imperialists throughout an era of desperate late capitalism. They room much much more dangerous. In fact, if Biden wins, the progressive wing of the Democrat party could be finished.

“An internecine battle is ready to an episode amongthose democracy who desire to revolutionary American society from within and leftists who want to dismantle the enterprise and also start over.” (The war within the democratic Party to come after ~ Trump: Progressives vs. Establishment, Arizona Republic)

At this point, it’s time for Americans to accept that over there is no difference whatsoever between the Republican and also Democrat parties. The Democrat party brands itself as the opposition party the is because that the people. The is not. The is simply as fascist, imperialist and also neofeudalist as the Republican Party, perhaps more so.

This country does not require neoliberalism, the cause of so countless of the world’s problems.

I cite neoliberalism a lot. If you desire to learn more about it, this is a good article explaining exactly how it is the source of every our problems — gaue won meltdown, eco-friendly disaster, the absence of jobs, and massive riches inequality.


Stop demonizing socialism and communism.

Celebrate them. Teach her children around them. There are lots of great books and resources out there. Communism for kids is a good start. The works of karl Marx and Vladimir Lenin have been made right into graphic novels. Mao Tse-Tung coined the phrase Serve the People. The US has a long history of being staunchly anti-communist since communism in reality works. Look at Vietnam and Cuba. The US has actually demonized every communist leader and murdered millions of communists here and abroad since the mid-twentieth century. It has actually labeled them every terrorists but the actual terrorist is the US. It’s the best war criminal in modern-day history.

(Side note: the short article office is socialist. Public institutions are socialist. Publicly libraries are socialist. Medicare is socialist. Social defense is socialist. If you’re versus socialism, you’re versus those programs too.)

Reject electoralism. Adopt revolutions. Join an activist organization.

When democrats say they desire a return to civility and also normalcy, what they’re really saying is “shut up.” close up door up about healthcare, close up door up around climate change, close up door up around race, shut up about wealth inequality, simply shut up. That’s what they’re voting for with Joe Biden. Make America law Again and also Shut Up.

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I voted because that Barack Obama and Hilary Clinton prior to my politics understanding had actually evolved. I to be younger and also naive and believed in platitudes and also bought right into the optics of having actually a black president and also a woman president. I cared more about identification politics earlier then 보다 actual policy, i m sorry I will certainly admit i did tiny to investigate.Our leaders and elite ruling class are completely bipartisan when it comes to screwing over the people of the country.

Not vote is always an option. Don’t let anyone shame you into voting for something you don’t believe in.

Refusing to poll for the people who proceed to money genocide in the an international south, deny millions of world healthcare/aid, starving and also economically terrorizing the civilization of anti-capitalist, anti-western imperialist countries by imposing sanctions, dropping bombs on civilians ~ above a day-to-day basis, etc. Is for sure an option.

Our battle is against white supremacy, fascism and also capitalism. Joe Biden and Donald Trump, as well as the Democrat and Republican parties, room symptoms of this forces, no the source of them. We must fight until they are all gone.

Fuck party loyalty. We want human being loyalty. Lengthy live Marx and also Marxism. Lengthy live Lenin. Long live Mao. Lengthy live socialism. Long live communism.