When I witnessed you, i was fear to accomplish you. Once I met you, ns was fear to kiss you. As soon as I kissed you, i was afraid to love you. Currently that i love you, I"m fear to lose you.

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Tonight I have the right to only say that i love you too well because that my tranquility of mind, and that lack from friend is death to me.

You won my heart as soon as you glanced at me and you brushed up me turn off my feet with simply one kiss. Kissing friend is like gaining your signature, as I am your best fan.


I might not get to view you as often as ns like, I may not obtain to hold you in my arms all v the night. Yet deep in my heart, ns truly know, you the one that i love and I can’t let you go.

Sometimes I simply wish girlfriend were here so I can tell you exactly how much I require you and also how difficult every day has been there is no you.
I require you since you do me laugh much more than anyone else and I"m the ideal me once I"m v you. And also when you"re gone, naught feels appropriate until you return.
I don"t know where ns stand with him. And I don"t recognize what I median to him. All I understand is that every time i think that him, all ns wanna execute is be v him.
I will constantly care for you, even if we"re not together and even if we"re far, far away from every other.

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I desire to see your smile and also hear her laughter. I want to kiss away your hurts and also hold you until you understand without a doubt the this is because that real.
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