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For courses in computer science and software engineering


This brand-new 10th edition that Sommerville introduces students come software design by concentrating on the proven processes and techniques an essential to the development of trusted software systems.

Ian Sommerville, drawing on endure in system dependability and systems engineering, travel guide the reader through the most widely offered agile methods and plan-based approaches. The text strives to teach the designers of tomorrow how to develop software that will make our civilization a an ext convenient, safer, and also enjoyable place to live.

Software Engineering contains the following features to facilitate learning:   The text covers the latest key developments in software engineering UPDATED! Chapter on agile software engineering contains new information about Scrum. NEW! Chapters on resilience engineering, systems engineering, and systems of systems have been added to the text. REVISED! Chapter 4 on representation has been completely rewritten as a clearer and newer source of information. UPDATED! Chapter on service-oriented software engineering has been revised with new information on RESTful added. UPDATED! Chapter on configuration management has has been revised with new information on distributed version control systems. UPDATED! The core structure of the text has been significantly altered to include relevant information on agile methods UPDATED! Part 1: Introduction to Software Engineering contains minor updates and changes in regards to agile methods in all chapters. NEW! Chapter 1 includes a new case study on a digital learning environment that is applied throughout the book in future chapters. REVISED! Chapter 3 on agile methods has been completely rewritten to focus on the increasing use of Scrum. REVISED! Part 2: Dependable Systems has been completely revised and restructured so that each major topic discussed belongs to its own chapter. NEW! A chapter on resilience engineering has been added that covers major topics such as cybersecurity, organizational resilience, and resilience systems design. NEW! Part 3: Advanced Software Engineering contains brand new chapters on systems engineering and systems of systems. REVISED! Information on service-oriented systems engineering reflects the increasing use of RESTful services. REVISED! The chapter on aspect-oriented software engineering has been removed from the text but still remains available as a web chapter. UPDATED! Part 4: Software Management contains updated material in the chapter on configuration management that reflects the increased use of distributed version control tools such as Git. REVISED! The chapter on process improvement has been removed from the text but still remains available as a web chapter. Supplementary information supports key concepts NEW! Recommended videos are mentioned in each chapter that reinforce key concepts. NEW! An example of a requirements specification document has been added as an appendix. The text applies the topic of software engineering to real world scenarios Two integrated, contrasting case studies flow through the text, continuously giving practical context and examples for topics discussed. Management issues such as project planning introduce students to real challenges they may face as software engineers. Significant coverage of requirements and architectural design emphasizes their importance in the overall software engineering process.">