American post-grunge band 3 Doors down landed a major hit through their debut album “The much better Life”, which has actually sold over 5 million copies. The lyrics in “Be prefer that”, the fourth solitary off the very same album, attend to following one’s dreams. The song functions a radio-friendly mix the multi-layered acoustic guitars coupled through rock guitars and also a simple, however solid rate section.

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The band’s frontman and also songwriter Brad Arnold insurance claims the writing process was non-linear and also that the lyrics for the chorus and verses were created separately. The etc riff you hear in ~ the beginning was additionally written by the by method of trial and also error. One edited version of the song was featured in the soundtrack for the movie American Pie 2.

You deserve to learn come play the complete Be favor That through 3 Doors Down with guitar chords, lyrics and also a strumming trainer straight in the tacoemojishirt.com app.

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Key that the Song: G major

Be prefer That is in the guitar-friendly Key the G major, which makes the song quite straightforward to play and also will not need as much effort as the tunes questioned in previous articles.

You will be taking care of the complying with chord progressions:

I – V – vi – IV is the turnaround you will certainly be playing for both strophes and also verses. G – D – Emin – C

There is a ar where you have actually ii – IV – i Amin Cmaj Gmaj

ii – IV – ns – III7 Amin Cmaj Gmaj B7 Cmaj

Be favor That Chords

This tune is fairly uncomplicated come play. Girlfriend can exploit chords you’re most likely acquainted with:

G – D – Em – C – to be – B7

Some etc teachers nothing lie as soon as they tell you the these four chords are very important, perform they…

Though if you want to gain as close come the initial as possible, you’d have actually Dsus2 instead of D and Emin7 rather of Emin and Csus2 rather of Cmaj.

That’s pretty lot it.

Be favor That – video Lesson

This is by far the best lesson I’ve encountered.

Be choose That – lyrics & Chords


G, Dsus2, Em7, Cadd9


G Dsus2 that spends his nights in California Em7 Cadd9 city hall the stars on the large screen G Dsus2 climate he lies awake and also wonders Em7 Dsus2 Why can’t that be me? G Dsus2 cause in his life he’s filled v all these great intentions. Em7 Cadd9 He’s left a most things he’d fairly not cite right now. G Dsus2 yet just before he says goodnight, Em7 Cadd9 the looks up through a tiny smile at me and also he says


G If I can be like that Dsus2 I’d offer anything Em7 simply to live someday Cadd9 In those shoes. G Dsus2 If I could be choose that, what would I do? Em7 C What would I do?


Am Cadd9 G Now and dreams we run.

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G Dsus2 She spends her days up in the north park, Em7 Cadd9 watching the human being as they pass. G Dsus2 and also all she desires is just a tiny piece of this dream, Em7 Cadd9 is the too much to ask? G Dsus2 Em7 Cadd9 v a safe home and a heat bed, ~ above a quiet small street. G Dsus2 Em7 C all she wants is just that other to organize onto, that’s all she needs.