How to Delete Your save Game

There is no in-game option to restart your game. But don"t worry, you have the right to delete her save game in Pokemon Sword and also Shield by making use of Nintendo Switch"s Data management feature. Inspect the in-depth steps listed below on exactly how to delete the saved data to begin a new game that Pokemon Sword and Shield.

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Go to the home Menu

If you space in-game, near the game and also go to the residence Menu.

Go to system Settings

Go to the device Settings screen by tapping this button on the display or by utilizing the directional buttons.

Go come Data Management

Under device Settings, walk to the Data monitoring Tab.

Go come Delete conserve Data

Under Data Management, choose Delete conserve Data.

Choose her Pokemon conserve Data

Select the Save paper for your Pokemon game.

Select the Profile

Select the profile because that which you desire to delete the conserve File.

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Warning Message

A warning blog post will show up notifying you that the save record cannot it is in recovered. Select Delete conserve Data come delete her Save file and to be able to start a brand-new game. Afterwards, a blog post will appear notifying you that the deletion to be successful.

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