Season 5 episode 9 - The great Escape

Eddie"s neglect for rather comes earlier to bite him. Air day : 1st-May-2019

Season 5 episode 1 - Let the Burn

Lushion pertains to the rescue, but it may be as well late. Air day : 19th-Mar-2019Read More

Season 5 episode 2 - The Red dress

Tensions space high after Kelly"s tragedy. Air day : 20th-Mar-2019Read More

Season 5 illustration 3 - Randal"s stage

Kelly"s mental state prompts the females to worry about her life; Randal finds something to dig into. Air date : 27th-Mar-2019Read More

Season 5 episode 4 - Chest pains

Alex deals with the lies that have involved light. Air day : 2nd-Apr-2019Read More

Season 5 episode 5 - Psychosis

Air day : 9th-Apr-2019Read More

Season 5 illustration 6 - A very first Date

Air day : 16th-Apr-2019Read More

Season 5 illustration 7 - Digging up Old dirt

Air date : 17th-Apr-2019Read More

Season 5 episode 8 - Jennifer

All of the evil that Randal has ever put out right into the civilization seems to it is in coming ago around to him. Air day : 30th-Apr-2019Read More

Season 5 illustration 9 - The good Escape

Eddie"s ignore for others comes back to bite him. Air day : 1st-May-2019Read More

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