Riku: If friend bite it and also you die, it’s poisonous. If that bites you and you die, it’s venomous.

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Sora: What if it bites me and it dies?

Roxas: That means you’re poisonous. Jeez Sora, learn to listen.

Xion: What if it bites itself and also I die?

Namine: It’s voodoo.

Hayner: What if the bites me and someone rather dies?

Pence: That’s correlation, no causation.

Ventus: What if us bite every other and also neither of united state die?

Vanitas: That’s kinky.

Aqua: five my god

kingdom understanding sora roxas riku vanitas ventus xion aqua hayner pence namine incorrect estimates meme from a text write-up i witnessed a lengthy time earlier
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Kairi: Guys, what’s a word for being angry and sad at the same time? I’m make the efforts to end up this crossword puzzle.

Roxas: Upset.

Naminé: Unhappy.

Xion: Grief.

Lea: Exasperated.

Aqua: Discontented.

Terra: Malcontented.

Ventus: Wretched.

Riku: Dissapointment.

Sora: Smad.

Riku: ….Sora that’s no a wor-

Kairi: Hey wait the fits.



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Terra: …Aren’t you going come tell me the exact same thing?

Riku: friend literally allow Aqua gain sent to hell. Therefore no. I am DONE.

Terra: :(

kingdom hearts sora roxas riku kairi xion terra aqua mickey minnie riku: the men who tells you come treat her girl right and also they all suck at it
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Vanitas: I’m going within you Ventus, whether you like it or not!

Aqua: He’s 16!!!

Vanitas: I’M 4!!!




Roxas: If it makes you feel better, I’m just 1

Xion: I’m just a couple of months old.

Lea: *sobbing* five my god ns beat up 2 babies

kingdom hearts roxas xion vanitas ventus aqua terra lea/axel
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Riku: *exists*

Mickey: my son.

Sora: *exists*

Mickey: mine son.

Data-Sora: *exists*

Mickey: mine son.

Data-Riku: *exists*

Mickey: my son.

Ventus: *exists*

Mickey: mine son.

Roxas: *exists*



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How Kingdom Hearts personalities crack eggs

Sora: Slowly and also carefully cracks the egg over a bowl.

Kairi: same as Sora, however a bit much more quickly because she’s more impatient. She’ll sometimes need to start over if she misses the bowl.

Riku: cracks it fast and also it lands inside the bowl through incredible precision. He still provides mistakes every when in a while.

Terra: breaks it, but will always leave a little bit of a mess afterwards. That can’t control his very own strength sometimes.

Aqua: The most accurate egg breaker, even far better than Riku. The egg will land inside the key without fail.

Ventus: The slowest egg breaker. He’ll obtain it in…after about two mintues. He’s much more cautious than Sora.

Vanitas: simply smashes it with his fist. Egg yolk and also shell pieces are everywhere. It’ll take forever to clean this up.

Lea: He’d rather tough boil the egg. With his hands.

Roxas: After 5 failed attempts, the throws the next one throughout the kitchen. There’s a good chance that hit someone.

Xion: She’s his target. They begin throwing eggs at every other and also make a huge mess, much to Remy and Scrooge’s horror.

Naminé: same as Sora. She tries desperately to stop the paris eggs roughly her.

Repliku: Shields Naminé and starts throwing eggs too. Doesn’t even shot to cracked the egg normally.

Donald: the doesn’t desire to it is in here. That hides under the countertop.

Goofy: Surprisingly, is just as accurate with egg cracking as Aqua is.

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Mickey: Couldn’t crack any kind of eggs since they were every gone by the moment he got there.

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