You've heard the saying, "if you can't manage me at my worst, then you certain as hell don't worthy me in ~ my best.”

These days, that saying often tends to average that if someone can't take care of you in ~ an awkward physical phase in your life, climate they don't worthy you at her glo up stage either.

The "If friend don't love me in ~ my x you don't deserve me in ~ my x " meme started with civilization on Twitter share glo-ups of your favourite K-Pop stars. However, the meme has actually officially taken turn off on the rest of Twitter as well.


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if you climate you don’tdon’t love deserveme at my me in ~ my

— Alp Ozcelik (
alplicable) April 3, 2018


#BTSBlackHairPartyif you climate you nothing don’t love worthy me at my me in ~ my

— y̴͓̫̲̖̞̰̿̄̕ă̷̳̦̌ị̷͍̗̄͂̆ (
jiggukttae) April 3, 2018


if you climate youdon't love don't deserveme in ~ my me at my

— Netflix united state (
netflix) April 3, 2018


if you then you don't don't love deserve me at my me in ~ my

— emma (
fyfmendes) April 4, 2018


if you climate you don’t don’t love worthy me in ~ my me at my

— revil (
reallyrevil) April 4, 2018

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if you climate you don't don't love worthy me at my me in ~ my

— °¯°·._.· ℂ