Starting today, most of us room “falling back” in time, regaining the hour we lost all the method back in March once Daylight to save began. The prospect of an extra hour because that sleeping, or journaling, or practicing karate, gained us thinking—what can we carry out with secondary hour every day (aside from follow the eternally unreachable score of inbox Zero)? us asked some of the busiest women we understand for their answers.

Showing gratitude:

“If I had actually an extra hour every day, I’d dedicate it come appreciating others. I have actually an endless variety of friends, colleagues, and also acquaintances who assist me in methods massive and small. The give thanks to you notes, helping hands, hugs, and also flowers I’d love to send add up quickly, and also while ns always shot to be verbally thankful, I’d love to be an ext hands-on. Structure a business method taking life in ~ a run, and also slowing under to yes, really be grateful and also make sure others know how much they typical to you can be hard. I can totally snapshot myself in ~ a treadmill desk, walking a few miles each morning while ns sip the perfect latte and also send amazing presents and notes come let my human being know how much they average to me. Till then, emoji-laden love messages will need to suffice.”

—Sarah Kunst, Founder and Managing Director at Cleo Capital

A melancholy moment at sunrise:

“Well, all I can say is that i am in ~ that phase in life where sleep comes hard for me. And I need every hour I have the right to scrape up. However if this were no the case, ns would get up every morning, minutes prior to daybreak. I’d watch the sunrise and also celebrate this dawn that a dice planet.”

—Kathryn Lasky, Author

Getting physical:

“I’ve constantly hankered after ~ an alternative career of gift a massage therapist. Mine life together a professor is the contrary of physical—I sit around and also read or write books and connect through my students and colleagues top top a verbal level. I’ve always loved massages myself and also the id of being able to do someone feel great just by touching them in the right means is horrible appealing. Ns would use my extra hour to study massage treatment at sunrise top top beautiful mornings!”

—Susan Napier, Author and Professor the Japanese literature and also culture

A morning snooze:

“If I had an extra hour a day i know specifically what I’d use it for: resting in! i would usage it no for a midday nap, or also to start the evening’s sleep earlier, but to expand my morning. I’d regime my phone to have actually a unique 59-minute snooze button and then take a morning nap every day, right after i wake up. Ns cannot think the anything more decadent, much more delicious and frankly badly needed provided how healthy sleep is and also how regularly I have to sacrifice it for the better good, or also just the bottom line. In the evening i can constantly find an excuse to postpone it, and during the day ns can always talk myself the end of a nap, however the morning is when I discover it most challenging to justify the cruelty of going without. So, yes—a morning nap!”

—Nathalie Molina Nino, CEO at BRAVA Investments and also Author of LEAPFROG

Mastering a brand-new skill:

“If I had actually a theoretical extra hour that I might NOT usage in the methods I right now spend mine time—i.e. Do the efforts to catch up top top emails and also deadlines the I’m constantly behind on—I would simply read more. But that’s lame, so because that the sake of making my extra hour an ext interesting, my 2nd choice would certainly be to exercise Spanish ~ above Skype. Ns took Spanish classes in Guatemala previously this year and have currently lost most of what i learned (it’s bad, i know), yet if I had an hour with a Spanish partner every day, I know it would come back and gradually improve. Plus, discovering a 2nd language is good for her brain! Also, ns would exercise my tripod headstands so that i don’t kick anyone in the challenge when i attempt them in yoga class. And maybe, if I had actually ten minute left, I’d in reality get around to meditating.”

—Charlotte Cowles, Columnist at new York Magazine and M Dash Contributing Editor

Writing with mom:

“I’ve been functioning on a children’s book with my mother for the past two years. It’s around a bear called Harold Peter that wears a lot of of various hats. If ns was so happy to have an extra hour each day, ns would invest that hour with Harold Peter and also my mother.”

—Jacqueline Boltik, Co-Founder and also CEO that Yellow Brim

With Daylight to save officially over, we’re looking ahead to winter…and we’ve acquired something distinct coming beforehand next week.

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