If ever there was a instance that talent runs in the family members this is it. Beyoncé and Solange and also Brandy and Ray J are simply a few of the well known singers that space related.


2. Monica and also Ludacris

Yes, the is Monica from Brandy & Monica! and it turns out she is pretty loosely associated to among our favourite rappers, Ludacris. How? Brace yourselves: she mum's second husband is Ludacris' Uncle, the Reverend Edward Best. Record the 2 of castle working together on Ludacris' monitor 'Ocean Skies'.


3. Beyonce and Solange Knowles.

Beyoncé isn't the only Knowles that has uncovered success in the music industry. Return Bey wears the crown, Solange has released some great tracks (listen come 'Losing You') and worked with big names. Back the two have actually been surrounded by debate after 'that' video leaked this year, both are an extremely close and stand by each other always.


4. Jhene Aiko and also Mila J.

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Jhené Aiko and also Mila J are two of five sisters in the Chilombo family members - return unfortunately, their sister Miyagi i m so sad passed away in 2012. Mila J has been do music and also dancing due to the fact that a really young age, and is earlier after acquisition a rest from music because that a while. Have a listen to her current remix that Usher's 'Good Kisser.' You have the right to see Mila and also Jhené's various other sisters (who every look strikingly similar!) in the photo on the left.


5. Brandy and Ray J

Some say star-quality is in peoples blood, well if that's the case, it certainly runs through the Norwood families veins. A successful singer, actress, model and producer - you'd think Brandy noted enough stardom for one family. Yet her younger bro beam J is just as renowned in the music sector for his access time 'One Wish' and also 'Sexy have the right to I.'

6. Brody Jenner and Kim Kardashian

Brody is Kimmy K's stepbrother after his dad Bruce married Kim's mum Kris jenner in 1991. If you want to view some a-grade beef between the 2 step-siblings, inspect out Brody's Instagram account!

7. Daisy Lowe and also Gwen Stefani

We do love Gwen. Probably an ext than rocker Gavin Rossdale, that Gwen has actually been married to because 2002, and model Daisy is Gavin's daughter native a previous partnership with designer and also singer, Pearl Lowe. So, come summarise; Gwen is Daisy's stepmum. The is nice cool.

8. Damon Dash and Stacey Dash

If girlfriend weren't sure, Stacey to be a pretty huge deal in the 90's ~ her function in struggle film, 'Clueless' (you might also recognise her from Kanye's 'All falls Down' music video), and her an initial cousin Damon is a co-founder of Roc-A-Fella records. Rather the talented family, then, however it turns out the the two don't speak any more - here's to hoping they patch points up, nobody likes a fall out.

9. Whitney Houston and also Dione Wawrick

Dionne is one of the most charted artist of all time, and Whitney own *that* voice. The cousins worked together ~ above 'Love Will uncover A Way', which featured ~ above Dionne's 1993 album 'Friends deserve to Be Lovers'.

10. Fantasia Barrino and K-Ci and JoJo

So it turns out music yes, really does run in K-Ci and Jojo's family, together 'Queen of rock Soul' Fantasia is a cousin of the duo, who space brothers in every feeling of the word. They're yet to job-related together in the studio though.

11. Brandy and also Snoop Dog

It's not a huge secret the Brandy and also her bro ray J carry out make some pretty sweet sound together, on peak of also starring together each various other in a reality show. However here's a lesser known attach - Snoop is Brandy's first cousin! You can hear the 2 collaborating ~ above his tune 'Special.'

12. Big Boi and also 'Lil Brother'

Ironically, huge Boi's small brother, James, raps under the name 'Lil Brotha' - he's a member of hip-hop team Konkrete. In 'Elevators (Me & You)' big Boi shouts out to his bro - and also his other brothers, Marcus and Jason also make their means on to some songs. Picture: Getty

13. Job Pat and also Juicy J

There's only four years in between Juicy J aka Jordan Houston and Project pat aka Patrick Houston. The two room from Memphis, and also have worked very closely together, with Juicy J producing fifty percent of his enlarge bro's 'Mista Don't beat 2' album. Picture: Getty

14. Chance The Rapper and Taylor Bennet.

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Chance The Rapper look at freakishly comparable to his younger brother, who uses his genuine name, Taylor Bennet. The photo shows them during Bennet's High institution graduation, friend don't should ask Taylor what he desires to be as soon as he's older. Simply a year ~ Chance's 'Acid Rap' dropped, Taylor unveiled his very own sophomore task titled 'Mainstream Music.' Picture: Twitter

15. Nas and Jabari 'Jungle' Fret.

You probably have heard the Nas' only brother, Jabari Fret, well-known most commonly by his phase name 'Jungle.' also a rapper, tropical is a member of the team Bravehearts, i m sorry is - believe it or no - signed come Nas' III Will records imprint. Their debut full length album, exit in 2003, featured guest appearances native Nas. The younger bro attributes heavily in Nas' upcoming 'Time Is Illamtic' documentary, and we hear is the check out star that the show. (Jungle is second from the right. Picture: Getty