An write-up from O"Reilly Post has actually been making waves virtual with claims that Canadian singer Justin Bieber is relocating to Vail, Arizona, a little town just outside of Tucson.

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Why Vail?

The story insurance claims that Bieber is "tired of his LA lifestyle" and also wanted to have "a more subdued way of living in Vail."

The article likewise quotes an unnamed assistant saying the “Justin immediately fell in love v the tranquil lifestyle and the beauty of the Sonoran desert and also was telling everyone that he to be going to move there.”

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Social-media reaction 

Many fans required to Twitter to express their excitement end Bieber"s rumored move to the desert.

But part were not so conveniently fooled.

How perform we understand it"s false?

The story"s lack of details and also vagueness need to be enough to make any kind of savvy leader pause before believing it, yet just one quick click on the O"Reilly Post"s website proves that the story is nothing however false.

The contact/about united state page attributes this disclaimer:

"O"Reilly write-up is a fantasy news site. Every news articles on space satire or pure fantasy."

So i m really sorry folks in Vail, Bieber is not around to be your following door neighbor.

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Not the very first moving rumor

This isn"t the first rumor about the singer relocating.

Stories around him moving to Lake Minnetonka, Minn.; Wildwood, Mo.; Park City, Utah; and Sandy, Ore., have actually been floating roughly the internet since early March.

Most of the posts circulating this rumors come from Headline Brief and McKenzie Post, both of which have actually layouts identical to O"Reilly short article and likewise feature disclaimers stating that they space "fantasy news site(s)" and that all news articles "are satire or pure fantasy."

In fact, Bieber isn"t the just celebrity gift plagued through fake stories about moving to little towns across the joined States. Snopes, an web myth-debunking site, has a lengthy post around these hoax stories, stating the lack of truth in the stories and also their striking similarities.

Moral that the story? Don"t think everything you check out online, and read the good print.

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The silver- lining?

Arizonans will still have a opportunity to check out Bieber later this month, when he performs in ~ Gila flow Arena in Glendale on march 30.

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