We take a closer look in ~ the secret man indigenous Baylor who wasn’t invite to the NFL Combine.

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Ishmael Zamora

We all deserve to agree that this season has actually been ripe with prospects with perceived character concerns. Outside of Joe Mixon, no one fit the mold of “troubled past” and also “incredible potential” better than Baylor’s Ishmael Zamora. Regardless of having been reasonably unheard of throughout his career, Zamora has quickly come to be an incredibly polarizing player within the dynasty and draft communities. In this profile, i look to outline the following: production, athleticism metrics, personality concerns, notes from the film, and also some thoughts from several large names in the empire community.


2016 game Log

Statistics indigenous sports-reference.com.

Quickly, you have the right to see Zamora failed to achieve a starting duty before 2016. This can not it is in as huge a knock together you can assume, together he the market share to be largely conquered by other incoming rookie, K.D Cannon, and 2016 first-round pick, Corey Coleman.

After sitting the an initial three games of the 2016 due to suspension, Zamora quickly became a coagulation passing choice in the bear Air Raid system. His video game log is rather impressive, notching 4 games through 100+ yards receiving. Top top the downside, practically 25% that his career receiving yards and also 40% that his touchdowns come on only five receptions. By the watch of his production, he appeared to be a top notch playmaker for the Baylor bear in 2016.

Measurables and also Athleticism

Player Profiler

Note: Zamora go not have actually a Mock Draftable web page as that was not invited to the NFL Combine.

Orange Report Data



Above, you will watch why over there is so lot intrigue surrounding this prospect. Looking in ~ the ORANGE Report’s charting conducted in the yearly draft guide by
theFFGhost, Zamora is a physics specimen that has many enthralled by the believed of him mismatched versus much smaller sized opponents.

A previous high college state champion at the 110 meter hurdles, the proves to be an uncommon combination of explosive speed and also verticality. Regardless of the tremendous straight-line speed, he pipeline something left come be preferred in his agility. His acceleration is clearly his just blemish on what is a superlative athleticism his profile.

Notes from the Film

Games Watched

2016 Baylor vs. Texas


First, Zamora has one the the strongest highlight films I have ever before seen, v an capacity to rise over cornerbacks and also make jaw dropping grabs. Specifically, that is in ~ his ideal when to run the slant versus man coverage. Needing a slight build-up for acceleration, he reflects to separate quickly from defenders in the wide spacing of the Baylor spread out offense on a consistent basis. Based on the film, ns agree the Zamora oozes potential and has every the raw talent to become translate come the next level.


While the ceiling because that Zamora is extremely high, his floor shows up lower. There are several subtleties come his game that a defender could pick increase on. First, he offers a pre-snap tell regarding his intention for the play. Specifically, that stands tall and relaxed on the line of scrimmage once the upcoming is not intended for him. In comparison, his body posture will alter when it is: that leans forward and is much more tense. This, as a whole, can not be difficult to readjust at the following level, yet it permits me come peel ago a layer of his character. He just looks interested when he is getting the ball.

In addition, i often discovered Zamora disinterested in both downfield blocking and designed run blocks. I have to admit the the misleading Baylor plan exponentiations this sentiment, yet there were number of times he stood around watching a team friend fight for yards as he was standing by aimlessly unwilling to touch a would be tackler.

As someone who defended Corey Coleman feverously last off-season, Zamora pales in comparison. He does flash significant abilities, yet the consistency pipeline a many to it is in desired. In the film above, I desire you to go to the second-to-last play and also watch that block. To be it a lucky block, or does he lack the desire to use his enormous skill come attempt that every play? Zamora will only be a star if he wants to placed in the work-related to perform so.

“Without effort, your skill is nothing an ext than what you can have done, but didn’t” – Grit through Angela Duckworth

Evaluations by the best in the Business

“Martavis Bryant is a comparable situation for Zamora as he came into the NFL with comparable question marks, from a surface-level perspective. Zamora’s act to be a singular minute of disturbing and also sickening violence, conversely, Bryant came with worries regarding his work ethic, and substance abuse concerns have haunted him in ~ the following level. Yet, we know that the NFL often tends to just file all off-field issues under “character concerns” even if the is both unfair and also illogical.” – Matt Harmon, Reception tardy Report

“For great and bad, a nickname that might encompass Zamora’s game is “Hands of Stone.” If he cultivates the ideal parts of the moniker if reducing the worst parts, Zamora has actually Pro bowl potential. If the doesn’t, he’ll have actually a quick NFL career through moments of impressive athletic promise.” – Matt Waldman, Rookie Scouting Portfolio

“Zamora has true x-receiver size readjusted athleticism and flashed in a small sample. However like Odell Beckham Jr., Zamora to be suppressed by another very good wide receiver; KD Cannon” – Matt Kelley, Player Profiler

“He is very effective at using his dimension to crate defenders the end from the ball. His ability to impose his will certainly upon a defense is just one of his much more interesting attributes. In spite of his character issues, i think a team is walking to take it a chance on him because his upside is simply too good to pass up many times.”
The ORANGE Report


The typical sentiment shared by most evaluators is a stark variety of outcomes feasible for Zamora. Personally, ns loved the comparison make by Matt Harmon linking Zamora’s to Martavis Bryant. The comparison in play style, human body type, and sheer potential makes for nearly an identical game tape. Once it comes under to drafting a prospect comparable to Zamora, ns think the conversation becomes one around value and also the level of danger you room able come infuse right into your roster.

In the mid-to-late third round of rookie drafts, I would be ready to take it a shooting on Zamora there is no concern. However, his ADP has actually been steadily increasing over the past couple of months (current ADP: 29th overall). This trend is likely to decline after the draft, as countless project him to autumn to the so late day 3 or potentially undrafted in the NFL draft.

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I think it will certainly be an incredibly positive sign if a team is ready to invest money top top Zamora. As stated earlier, you need to be willing to litter away a pick if you decision to invest in the Ishmael Zamora lottery. The potential is there to it is in the following Martavis Bryant, but he could very well fail to be appropriate in a year.