Google right now retrieves 33,800 hitsfor this exact phrase. However, i can’t discover one that specifies the source.Is this just a misquote of the yes, really text? I know there is a comparable quote in Julius Caesar which goes:*“The fault, too ~ Brutus, is not in our stars,But in ourselves, the we are underlings.” *It is feasible that that said similar things in two various works. Also, there room variant messages of the very same work. It is thus possible that it is not a misquote but an exact quote native a various work.

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Can any kind of Shakespeare scholars confirm or deny?

I searched utilizing Open source Shakespeare, and also “It is not in the stars to host our destiny yet in ourselves” is not existing in any type of of Shakespeare’s works. It’s a clumsy pictured of the quote from Julius Caesar the you mentioned.

I’m certain it’s simply a botched variation of the Julius Caesar quote. If you kind most the the quote, Julius Caesar will present up in the Google autofill.

Shakespeare scholar here. Shakespeare most certainly did not create the lines friend quote, as any kind of Shakespeare concordance will certainly tell you. That a garbled version of the lines in JC.

Garbled Shakespeare was typical even in his lifetime, evil the ‘bad’ quarto that Hamlet, pirated and also rushed to the printers in 1603. (Shakespeare’s firm quickly had actually an authorized version published (Q2), double as long as the pirate and also ungarbled.

Here’s the beginning of the ‘To be or no to be’ decided as printed in Q1, the poor quarto.

To be, or no to be, i there’s the point,To Die, come sleepe, is the all? i all:No, to sleepe, to dreame, I mar there it goes,For in the dreame of death, as soon as wee awake,And borne prior to an euerlasting Iudge,From whence no passenger euer retur’nd,The vndiscouered country, at who sightThe happy smile, and the accursed damn’d.

As ns said, this stuff has actually been about a long time.

I like to imagine that the “I mar there that goes” to be the elizabethan version of, “crap, what was it, again?”

The botched variation is no in iambic pentameter, and also the only characters in the plays who did not speak in iambic pentameter were personalities like the rustics in A Midsummer Night’s Dream, who placed on the play Pyramus and also Thisby. This no sound prefer something they will do say.

If you want to shot to track under the origin, view if friend can uncover a referral from prior to 1998; if girlfriend can’t then watch the movie Shakespeare in Love, and also see if that there. Among the joke in SIL was that world were always saying point which Shakespeare discovered quote-worthy, but adapted them, improved the imagery, brevity, and of course, added the meter. There are a the majority of fake proto-Shakespearian lines in the movie.

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I favor to imagine that the “I mar there that goes” was the elizabethan version of, “crap, what was it, again?”

It yes, really feels that way. Yes a concept that this version of the play to be cobbled with each other from storage by the actor who played Marcellus (the male who bring Horatio come the watch at the beginning, climate goes v him to tell Hamlet about the ghost) since Marcellus’ lines are suspiciously more accurate than most of the rest of the text. I assume the if that actor did this there is no permission, he had actually trouble obtaining work after ~ that.