The GSN show, ‘It takes a Church,’ confirmsthat love matches room possible.

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Bachelor and also business owner Randy Phillips opened his love to the members the his church in Tempe, Arizona, enabling them come play matchmaker andhelp him uncover his top lady. Eight contestants went v a collection of questions and challenges for Randy to narrow down and also choose the personhe felt he was most compatible with.

In the end, he chose Rhonda Nyirenda, a talented executive, management assistant indigenous Malawi. Together after 4 months, Randy and also Rhoda are getting serious in your relationship.

Both had actually struggled with trusting in the possibility of love, v Rhoda having her heart broken in the past and Randy taking care of the passing of his older brothers at a young age. After mentioning their faith and also values, their link grew.

A scene from the episode verified Randy and Rhoda enjoying their one-on-one day as lock rode horses and also had a deep, engaging conversation about life, family, and love. Because that Randy, that knew Rhoda was someone he could really view himself gift with.

“At very first I believed she was visually stunning, however I was afraid that was all, Randy explains. “I began to wonder: is she around image or more substance? Is she beautiful on the inside?”

“Through that conversation, the wall just crumbled,” he says. “ It was at that minute where everything totally changed.”

Since gift together, their faith and also relationship has greatly grown.

“We pray together and also for each other. The prays because that me,” Rhoda says. “After acquiring my heart broken, i wasn’t interested in dating for a long time. I was fear to permit my wall down,” she explained. “But being with Randy… God used Randy to rest those wall surfaces down for me. I’m therefore thankful to God for placing Randy in mine life.”

Rhoda states she cherishesRandy’s selfless personality andisblessed to have him in her life.

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“I never really supplied to understand putting the various other person’s needs before your own. But Randy is for this reason selfless,” Rhoda says. “He’s always putting his needs second and not just through his words however his actions. It shows exactly how special he is and also how the treats me,” she explains. “It blows my mind away. I am very happy.”

Randy agrees. “Everyday there is something that adds come the relationship.”

Congratulations come the happy couple!

‘It take away a Church‘ season finale premieres Thursday, July 31. Applications are now being welcomed for season two.