From Sept. 15 with Oct. 15, Tiny workdesk is celebrating spain Heritage Month v an \"El Tiny\" take over of the (home) concert series, featuring J Balvin, Camila Cabello and several much more musicians from all corners that Latinidad. Read more about the 10-video collection here.

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A tattooed hand scrawls top top a tiny school desk — \"Jose through J Balvin\" — adhered to by a signature smile. It\"s one intimate start for the príncipe del reggaetón, J Balvin himself, together he starts his \"El Tiny\" performance on a sunny barge in the middle of the east River. Donate by the Brooklyn Bridge, Balvin breezes through several of the ideal cuts turn off of his new album JOSE (Balvin\"s bear name). The an initial three — \"Vestido,\" \"Que Locura\" and also \"OTRO FILI\" — space moody and also gentle popetón, creating expectations of acquainted intimacy prior to he blows the performance vast open v the Tainy-produced, tempo-shifting album opener, \"F40.\" and as the sun descends ~ above the brand-new York skyline, Balvin close the door it out with a drop-laden extended mix the the jock-jam Skrillex collaboration, \"In Da Getto.\"

To speak about modern-day Latin music is come talk about J Balvin.

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Over the course of the past 10 years, \"the young from Medellín\" has risen from humble beginnings in Colombia to an international superstardom, building an utacoemojishirt.comecedented fanbase in ~ the intersection the pop, reggaetón, house and hip-hop, with over 18 exchange rate views and also 35 million document sales come prove it. The is the an initial Latino to headline Coachella and also Lollapalooza, and there isn\"t a much more fitting artist come kick turn off our month that \"El Tiny\" performances — Balvin is the summary of cross-cultural success.

When a drone flies out during the critical drop of \"In Da Getto,\" and we ultimately see the true limit of the barge that Balvin has actually been performing on, it serves together a reminder that no matter how personal his songs might be, Balvin will certainly always, always, it is in massive.


\"Vestido\" \"Que Locura\" \"OTRO FILI\" \"F40\" \"In Da Getto\"


J Balvin: vocals Jose Rivera: DJ George Ponce: bass, secrets Marcus Thomas: north


Video: Jose-Emilio Sagaró Anca Valeanu Omar Reynoso Christopher Cabrera Audio: man Buitrago Fernando Argento Hugo Pinzon man Cardona manufacturing Company: Filmheads Assistant Director: Iohana Sagaro manager of Photography: Kristoff Cabrera production Manager: Alejandro (ADO) Arias prior of House: man Buitrago

TINY workdesk TEAM

Producers: Bobby Carter, Anamaria Sayre video clip Producer: Kara framework Audio Mastering: josh Rogosin Alt.Latino \"El Tiny\" Team: Felix Contreras, Reanna Cruz, Anaïs Laurent, Stefanie Fernandez Tiny production Team: Bob Boilen, Maia Stern, Sofie Hernandez-Simeonidis executive, management Producer: Keith Jenkins an elderly VP, Programming: Anya Grundmann