The Chicken Sandwich Wars proceed to fury with assorted chains out there throwing out all species of fancy new offerings to do an affect (including Taco Bell’s upcoming chicken “sandwich”), however there room some longtime players in the video game that room worth seeking out. And also the Spicy Chicken native Jack-in-the-Box is one of those.

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Spicy crispy every white meat chicken with fresh sliced tomato, lettuce and also real mayonnaise all on a butter bakery bun.

This sandwich has actually been about for over two decades (Hey Popeyes, how did it take you so lengthy to come up through your own version?), and it has long been one of my favorites. I newly visited Jack in the journey thru come refresh my storage on how great this sandwich is, and also I was not disappointed.

They space touting it as having actually a new, bigger item of chicken and also the picture on the menu shows a pretty special fried filet the looks similar to what Popeyes is slinging. What I got did not have actually the same girth, despite it did seem bigger 보다 what I formerly remembered. This is a totality breast filet that is seasoned, battered, and also fried, and while it might not enhance up to the picture, the is still fairly good.

The chicken patty has actually a great crunch come it and plenty that taste throughout. It has a nice absent of warmth to it, but similar to most points from the drive thru, this sandwich walk not fairly count as hot. The comes through whole-leaf lettuce and tomato as well as mayonnaise. (And top top my many recent visit castle went means overboard through the lettuce. Possibly they thought I necessary an extra serving of vegetables?) Those act as a counterbalance come the spiciness that the chicken, and also make this greatly a soft affair, but still rather tasty. The bun does the project of hold the sandwich together and is decent because that a fast food joint, yet nothing that really stands out.

I recall bespeak Jack’s Spicy Chicken every the means back in the ‘90s, and also I’m sure it packed much more of a punch ago then. These days it still delivers a little of kick, however they show up to have actually toned the warmth down. Still, this is one darn great sandwich the that to be doing the spicy chicken point long prior to it came to be the recent fad, and also I count it as among the far better options out. It i will not ~ bust your diet either at 500 calorie (as lengthy as you happen on that big order of curly fries). One hack that kicks this one increase a little is to order it v mustard rather of mayo which pairs rather well with the spicy chicken.

The rub right here is the truth that ns have discovered Jack-in-the-Box to be one of the many inconsistent quick food chain quality-wise. If you’ve had actually the Spicy Chicken (or any kind of other menu item) from Jack-in-the-Box and did not choose it, you most likely encountered a subpar location. Try going to a various drive thru, and also if you find a great one, stick to it. Jack has a great fast food chain as soon as the top quality is good. However sadly the is fight or miss.

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Jack-in-the-Box is currently promoting their brand-new Cluck Chicken Sandwich which is also pictured v a thick patty to do it visually competitive to the competition over at Popeyes. I have not tried the yet as they carry out not have a spicy version however may pick it increase at part point. But if you are looking for a really good spicy chicken sandwich, Jack’s longtime conventional will no disappoint as long as girlfriend can discover a place that is run well.

Tale of the Tape:Serving Size: 1 SandwichCalories: 500Fat: 25g (4g Sat/0g Trans)Protein: 22gCarbs: 48gSodium: 1310mg