The Jacob K. Javits Fellowship program honors senator Javits, long well-known for his assistance of education and the arts during his 24 years in the U.S. Senate. Funded by the U.S. Department of Education, this program provides fellowships come students the superior academic ability—selected top top the basis of prove achievement, gaue won need, and exceptional promise—to undertake study at the doctoral and also Master of good Arts level in selected fields of arts, humanities, and social sciences.

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Subject to the access of funds, a fellow receives the Javits fellowship each year for approximately the lesser that 48 months or the completion of your degree. The fellowship is composed of one institutional payment (accepted by the institution of higher education in lieu of every tuition and also fees because that the fellow) and a stipend (based ~ above the fellow"s financial need as identified by the dimensions of the commonwealth Student aid Processing System. In budget year 2009, the institutional payment to be $13,552 and also the best stipend to be $30,000. For fiscal year 2010, the preferably stipend will certainly be $30,000, and also the institutional payment is approximated to be $13,755


Eligibility is restricted to individuals who either

will it is in entering a doctoral regimen in academic year 2010-2011 and/or who, at the moment of application, have actually not however completed their first full year of study in the doctoral program for i m sorry they room seeking support; orwill be entering a master of well Arts program in scholastic year 2010-2011 where the master"s is the terminal highest degree awarded in the selected field of study.

Eligibility is minimal to U.S. Citizens or nationals, permanent citizens of the U.S., or citizen of any type of one the the Freely linked States.

Applicants should be eligible come be embraced to or currently attending a graduate program resulting in a doctorate or a terminal master"s degree in an eligible ar of examine at an college of greater education approved by one accrediting company recognized through the Secretary the the room of Education. Applicants attending a international institution space ineligible.

Eligibility is limited to people who, as Javits fellows, will be eligible to receive any grant, loan, or work help pursuant to ar 484 the the greater Education action of 1965, as amended. Students that have currently received a Javits fellowship in previous years are not eligible.


Institutional nominations are not required. Students use directly to the Javits routine through the website provided below. 

All applicants are compelled to send a FAFSA form as component of the applications process. Other required elements of the application include:

Applicant info FormTranscriptsGraduate record Examination Scores (GRE)Statement of PurposeLetters of RecommendationCertifications and also Assurances forms

Letters of Recommendation

Three letters of reference are required. The recommendations must be indigenous faculty members who room well acquainted with an applicant"s work, academic merit and promise, and are, preferably, native the applicant"s proposed field of study, should finish the letters.

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Application Schedule and Deadlines

Early October Deadline for receipt of every materials

(check Javits website for present dates)


For an ext information and also the application form, see