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How "James if John had actually had had actually had had actually had had actually had had had had a far better effect ~ above the teacher" is correct Sentence?

Can anyone explain?


Not there is no quotes and punctuation:

James, while John had actually had “had,” had had “had had;” “had had” had had a better effect top top the teacher.

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The paper definition is 2 students composing a sentence on part graded work, such as:

Bill had the measles.

Bill had actually had the measles.

When wanting to understand why James score better, the sentence over explains the reason, back I"d probably define it like this:

James scored much better because he used the appropriate verb: had had, rather of just had.

The sentence is no unlike the famed Buffalo sentence; it"s a contrived example to present how numerous times a solitary word deserve to be strung with each other consecutively in a sentence. An additional example is the sign machine who criticizes her own work by saying:

I should have actually put an ext space between ham and also and and and and also eggs.

on a sign that that looks too much like TODAY"S SPECIAL: HAMANDEGGS.

(That ‘that that’ that that last sentence has actually should simply read ‘that.’)

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JR is right. It"s the difference between the past basic & the previous perfect.Put an additional way: James, whereby John had used the past simple, had used the previous perfect; the previous perfect had acquired the teacher"s approval.

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To make it grammar correct, you need to punctuate it correctly: James, whereby John had actually had "had", had had "had had"; "had had" had had a better effect on the teacher.

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For much more information on had had, try What does "had had" mean? just how does this differ from "had"? or a grammar book.

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