Jessica Jones" fifth episode, “AKA The Sandwich conserved Me," starts with Jessica in an office job, normally not working and also being, rightfully, harassed by she boss. After ~ revealing the she knows about his “extracurricular activities” v the company’s financial institution account, Jessica is let go through a 6 month severance package and a snide comment from she boss about how proud she parents need to be of her, i beg your pardon of food sets her off and also has she knocking a few cabinets over. While you have the right to certainly an alert the difference between Jessica pre- and also post-Kilgrave, it’s good to be offered a first-hand watch of that she was before being damaged past repair. Granted, Jessica is tho a sarcastic wanderer, attempting to find her way in the world, however she’s hardly broken in the method we see her in the present. In the past, after ~ a having lunch meeting through Trish, the particle is planted that possibly the best route for Jessica might be to become a superhero, for this reason as not to let her super stamin go to waste.

In hands-down the funniest step in the series, Jessica decides to gain a new job, handing out flyers in a huge sandwich suit. It’s here that Jessica saves the life that a little girl about to be hit by an oncoming car, every while still gift in the hoagie costume. Finding herself hooked ~ above the hero gig, she discusses it additional with Trish, who has developed a costume and persona for Jessica to use moving forward as the newest hero top top the scene, Jewel. The costume is straight out of the Marvel comics, along with the codename, though in the Netflix series, we don’t ever before see Jessica wear it, and thank God. Some things just don’t interpret that well from the comic publication world into the actual world. As Jessica hits the roads to begin helping the innocent, she meet a team of thugs robbing a man who transforms out to it is in Malcolm. It’s below that Kilgrave an initial encounters Jessica and also immediately wraps his talons around her, there is no letting go for eight months.

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Meanwhile, during these previous segments, we’re thrust into the present, whereby Jessica is adhering to Malcolm to shot to obtain the fall on Kilgrave. Both Malcolm and also Kilgrave satisfy once a work in order because that the, versus his will, heroin addict to supply Kilgrave through photos that Jessica ~ above a consistent basis.

The level of how twisted the antagonist the the series is continues to grow, with David Tennant’s Kilgrave waving his hand in boredom, and also causing depraved acts and also damaging human being for miscellaneous as little as not permitting him to easily take magazines from a newspaper was standing (Kilgrave has the owner that the stand throw hot coffee right into his own confront as “punishment”). If you certainly love to hate “the violet Man,” you likewise can’t assist but begin to think exactly how sad and pathetic the is, creating this entire civilization for himself whereby he gets whatever that that wants, yet ultimately has nothing in ~ all. The capability to simply have actually a regular conversation through anyone else, or be able to take any type of external input from the outside world is lost on Kilgrave, and also you begin to understand exactly how he turns into the monster the is, without necessarily gift sympathetic to it.

after ~ awaiting one more meeting between Kilgrave and Malcolm, “Team Jessica Jones” -- consists of Jessica, Trish, and also the newly included Will the Cop -- begin to put together a trap to catch Kilgrave and also place him into a safehouse whereby his powers will be useless. The setup works perfectly at first, together they manage to medicine Kilgrave, but unfortunately realize the nothing is ever before that easy as bodyguards begin springing the end of every edge to conserve their “employer.” I had mentioned in a ahead recap just how Kilgrave presented an setting akin to John Carpenter’s The Thing, and this illustration is no different. Even when he is unconscious, friend can’t aid but feel sorry because that the heroes together they struggle to fight off Kilgrave’s affect on the world around them. The one nitpick I had actually with this scene was that the choreography of as soon as Kilgrave’s goon squad combated Team Jess was simply really off, and also could have been developed more.

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indigenous here, though, us swing earlier around come Hope, quiet in prison and also asking Jessica for money to offer to a other prisoner. It’s only revealed later that Hope required the money in order come pay stated prisoner to beat her. The reason behind expect wanting a beating is for she to miscarry together she’s at this time pregnant v Kilgrave’s child. YIKES. Remember exactly how I stated this show was dark? Well, that dark. Hope is offered a pill through Hogarth and also the baby is look at disposed of, until it’s then revealed that Jeri controlled to save the remains in hopes of using Kilgrave’s strength for herself. The still impressive to me this all falls right into the realm of “Disney’s Marvel,” through its super-powered fetuses, induced abortions, and also psychological rape. It’s tough to imagine that somewhere in this exact same universe, Groot and Rocket Raccoon room palling roughly on a spaceship.

Leading right into our following episode, Luke Cage division onto the scene once again, questioning Jessica for aid in recognize a lacking person. Luke is hope to get an ext information native said absent person v regards to the fatality of his wife, that was actually eliminated by Jessica it s her while under the regulate of Kilgrave. This episode brings united state to a merry tiny chase, with some much needed levity, as Jessica and also Luke fight with a few gangsters end the fate that Antoine the loan shark.

Krysten Ritter and Mike Colter together Jessica and Luke respectively, have an excellent chemistry, and it’s good to understand that the 2 are basically “the couple” of the Marvel Universe moving forward. Adhering to the action scenes of illustration 5, illustration 6 (“AKA she a Winner”) manages to step things up a notch, as Luke delivers some amazing haymakers come the hired goons that encounters, even causing one come spin in the air, adhered to by crashing hard to the ground.

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at the conclusion of their investigation, Luke discovers the identification of the bus driver the believes to have actually hit, and killed, his wife Reva. Jessica make the efforts to protect against him as he literally throws the negative driver through the front home window of the bus, just to finally give that pause as soon as she reveals the she to be the one who killed Reva. In one of the most heartbreaking scene in the series, Luke informs Jessica that she truly is “a item of shit” and also leaves her to stew in she troubles once again. The life of Jessica Jones is a unstable one to be sure, however this episode was a fantastic “breather” in state of experimenting the relationship in between herself and also Luke Cage, while likewise moving the plot forward outside of Kilgrave’s influence. Remainder assured though, hell be back.


“AKA The Sandwich saved Me” – ★★★★ Very great

“AKA you a Winner” – ★★★★★ terrific

AKA violet Notes

- You may be wondering how in different ways things go in the comics versus in the television display with regards to Jessica’s origin. Well, to start, Jessica walk in truth wear Trish’s superhero costume and became the hero “Jewel”. She time together a costumed vigilante was, together in the show, put to an finish by Kilgrave, though instead of him gift hit by a bus, Kilgrave simply grew worn down of Jessica and also sent she off to go head-to-head through the Avengers themselves. The Avengers made quick order the Jessica, realized what was happening, and returned her to her now broken life whereby she vowed come not placed on the costume again.

- the poker game Kilgrave got into was miscellaneous else. Together I mentioned, Kilgrave leader a twisted, but also horrifyingly lonely life despite every time you might somehow feeling sympathy for him, the orders someone to start slamming their head into a wooden beam till it breaks.

- cannot be said enough but wow this present is dark. The hope twist to be something rather that also the comics didn’t really touch on, though Purple man did in reality have a ton that “Purple Kids” who still problem the Marvel universe to this day.

- little girl: “The Sandwich saved me!”

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