In Brian Grazer\"s live-action film version of \"Dr. Seuss\" The Cat in the Hat,\" Mike Myers (center) is the mischievous feline who wreaks fun in the resides of two youngsters (Spencer Breslin, left, and Dakota Fanning). AP photograph by Melinida Sue Gordon

\"Dr. Seuss\" The Cat in the Hat\"

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CAST: Mike Myers, Kelly Preston, Dakota Fanning, Spencer Breslin

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The cat in the hat has actually come back, and also he might put you and also the kids in the mood for an night alone with Dr. Seuss\" original photo book come fumigate the stink of this feline\"s awful live-action adventure.

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Shrill, boorish and also witless, \"Dr. Seuss\" the Cat in the Hat\" is as scenically crass and also cluttered together its predecessor, \"Dr. Seuss\" just how the Grinch Stole Christmas,\" the first live adaptation of one of Theodor Geisel\"s children\"s tales.

Yet \"Cat in the Hat\" lacks the one saving grace the that earlier movie, Jim Carrey\"s whirlwind main character. Together the Cat, Mike Myers is irritating and also unamusing, caterwauling in a voice that networks Charles Nelson Reilly through traces of Bert Lahr\"s Cowardly Lion.

And if the Grinch was intended to be a little menacing, the Cat ends up a scarier number thanks to his fairly creepy face design and Myers\" too many frisky demeanor, reminiscent of the goofy uncle who need to never it is in left house alone with the kids.

First-time manager Bo Welch, a production designer who credits include \"Edward Scissorhands\" and the \"Men in Black\" flicks, crafts a visually overbearing movie. The performances he coaxes native Myers and also the co-stars amount come distasteful tumult that\"s hard to endure.

Screenwriters Alec Berg, David Mandel and Jeff Schaffer, who also adapted the \"Grinch,\" execute a miserable job fleshing the end the nuggets of Geisel\"s story to feature length. The personalities they add are unpleasant, the expanded story details and sight gags vapid.

From a whimsical small rhyme about a feline in a striped peak hat that teaches 2 bored brothers a class on having fun, the filmmakers have strung with each other the insufferable story that a single mom (Kelly Preston), she control-freak daughter (Dakota Fanning) and also reckless boy (Spencer Breslin).

The work mom\"s claimed to play organize for she real-estate company\"s party, she\"s called in come work, leaving the youngsters with a narcoleptic baby sitter and also strict orders no to misbehave or chaos up the house.

As the kids cope with ennui, a sense of neglect and also the machinations the mom\"s vile boyfriend (Alec Baldwin), the Cat mister in to spread out mayhem and also destruction.

The frenzied pace stops working to cover increase the story\"s utter emptiness. The Grinch in ~ least provided a protagonist through a personality arc, that undergoes a real, though cartoonish, transformation.

All \"The Cat in the Hat\" supplies is the shallow post that to have fun, girlfriend must recognize how. Fine for bedtime storybook reading, yet piffling on the big screen.

The trappings Welch hangs top top this object of story room vulgar, a sensory overload of garish pastels and also cloying characters.

Sean Hayes is disagreeable on 2 fronts, together mom\"s germ-phobic boss and the voice of the family\"s whiny computer-animated goldfish. The Cat\"s helpers, point 1 and also Thing 2, space in the to run for many obnoxious looking and also sounding creatures ever before to show up in a family members film.

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The many alarming thing is the there\"s a ready-made sequel v Geisel\"s follow-up book, \"The Cat in the cap Comes Back.\" Here\"s hope this display screen cat has actually just one life to live.


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