It most likely won"t shock girlfriend to discover that a song dubbed "Tequila renders Her clothes Fall Off" to be born in a bar. Man Wiggins and also his co-writer Gary Hannan had spent hours trying come come up with a song when they made decision to head to a brewhouse close to Music Row and also grab a beer — and then a shot. Soon, Wiggins was scribbling under a future country hit ~ above a drink coaster. The song is tamer 보다 its title first suggests: the sorts of apparel its subject loses room earrings, shoes and jackets. Wiggins said the story of "Tequila" — a No. 1 hit for Joe Nichols in 2005 — to Bart Herbison of Nashville Songwriters combination International.

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There"s a fine heat on that song in between being risque and also humorous — and I"ve got to call you, as a pan of great songwriting, girlfriend walk the perfectly. Did friend think about that once you and Gary Hannan created that song?

Yeah, absolutely. We composed that in 2004, for this reason it to be a lot more reserved back then. Toby Keith was sort of the only one the was doing stuff prefer that. Gary and also I had been functioning on a song, and you know exactly how Nashville is. It basically shuts down in between Thanksgiving and brand-new Year"s. We had been composing all day, and I finally said at around 2 o"clock, "Gary, I"m gonna go get a beer. Do you desire to come v me?" So we go come the brewhouse under here, and also I had actually a beer and said, "Man this ain"t act it because that me. I desire something a little stronger. Ns go as much as the bar, and I turn about (to Gary) and say, "Can I get you a shot?" and also he said, "Yeah, anything however tequila. Tequila makes my pants loss off." ns said, "That"s what should have actually been working on today!" He stated in his southern African accent, "You can"t compose a song about pants falling off!" ns said, "Yeah, girlfriend can, man." That"s exactly how it all started. I"ve still gained the Budweiser coaster I wrote it under on.

Did (the song) come quickly? Because, again, you take it it right up to the edge, yet you don"t jump end the cliff in that song. And also I think the feeling made that acceptable because that radio.

I"ve obtained three sisters and also a mother, and I had actually plenty to draw from ago in the day. They"d all get wild and also they"d shed stuff, and the more they drank, the an ext they would lose. My mama would certainly (say), "Now, wherein did I placed my pocketbook?" That"s what ns was drawing from that totality time.

Did you and also Gary need to finesse that over time?

Well, it come pretty quick, however there were some places, favor at the end, (where us said) "How room we gonna plunder this up?" we wrapped it up through the noticeable thing, that the following day, ~ a big party, they"re like, "Oh God, what happened?" and just throwing in the disclaimer the "She don"t typical nothing, she"s just having actually fun" type of lets him turn off the hook.

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— Compiled by Dave Paulson, dnpaulson

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