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STOP. You must not have actually touched this flyer with your ceiling hands. NO, don"t placed it down. It"s too late. They"re the town hall you. My name is David Wong. My finest friend is John. Those names room fake. You might want to adjust yours. You might not want to know around the things you"ll check out on this pages, around the sauce, around Korrok, around the invasion, and also the future. However it"s also late. You touch the book. You"re in the game. You"re under the eye. The only defense is knowledge. You should read this book, to the end. Also the component with the bratwurst. Why? girlfriend just have to trust me. The necessary thing is this: The medicine is dubbed Soy Sauce and it gives users a window into one more dimension. John and I never had actually the chance to speak no. Girlfriend still do. I"m i m really sorry to have associated you in this, ns really am. But as friend read about these devastating events and also the an extremely dark date the people is around to get in as a result, the is critical you keep one thing in mind: no one of this was my fault.

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