Something about the surname Jesus, Pt. 2 (feat. Rance Allen, Marvin Winans, john P. Kee & Isaac Carree) Hello Fear · 2011

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Singer man P. Kee has earned accolades together a top-ranked gospel performer and pastor that the brand-new Life Fellowship Church in Charlotte, north Carolina. Influenced by the work of the Reverend Dr. James Cleveland, Kee overcame a troubled life of drugs and also crime, initially emerging in the late "80s together a powerful vocalist and also minister. Whether functioning as a solo artist or with his brand-new Life neighborhood Choir, Kee"s albums prefer 1994"s Colorblind, 2011"s The legacy Project, and also 2015"s Level Next have actually made him among the most popular contemporary gospel artists of his generation, routinely peaking close to the height of Billboard"s gospel chart.Born in 1962 in Durham, north Carolina, man Prince Kee flourished up in a large family, the 15th the 16 children. Displaying tacoemojishirt.comal talent in ~ a really early age, Kee"s parental enrolled him in ~ a special institution for tacoemojishirt.comally gifted children, the north Carolina college of the arts in Winston-Salem, whereby he developed his an initial choir at age 13. Moving to California, he studied through his larger brothers, Al and also Wayne, attending the Yuba college Conservatory school of in Marysville and also becoming associated with the area"s optimal tacoemojishirt.comians. If in California, he additionally played briefly with groups like the Blackbyrds and Cameo. However, his talent didn"t conserve him from daunting times. Through his late teenagers he had begun living a hard-edged street life. That way of living took him to California and earlier again. As soon as he returned to his home state, he moved to Charlotte"s dual Oaks community and continued to slide under to a life filled v drugs and violence. Kee started to revolve his lifestyle about in his early twenties after see a girlfriend murdered in a cocaine deal gone bad. Surrendering to the Lord throughout a renewal meeting at the PTL, that became affiliated with the new Life Fellowship Church. Devoting self to gospel, he started singing and also formed the group new Life ar Choir. His very first professional break come in 1985 when he came to be the an initial artist to it is in asked to document lead vocals on 2 tracks because that the Gospel Workshop of America"s annual mass choir recording. In 1987 he exit his first album v the new Life neighborhood Choir, correct Lord, which to be recorded during a performance at the Brethren in unified Youth Convention. In 1989 he released his debut solo album, Wait on Him. Kee ongoing to balance solo albums and also recordings with the choir. The early "90s brought the start of what became a overwhelming of awards, including an ext than a dozen stellar Awards, 20 GMWA Excellence Awards, a heart Train Award, and also two Billboard Awards. In 1995, Kee and also the new Life ar Choir reached their very first commercial optimal with the yellow award-winning album display Up, i beg your pardon was additionally nominated for a Grammy, together was his 1999 album Strength. The same decade, Kee included a permanent ministry to his perform of accomplishments, balancing work in the brand-new Life community Church through his career. In addition to his very own recordings, Kee created albums by the success in worship Mass Choir, Shawn McClemore and new Image, and Drea Randle. Throughout the 2000s and also 2010s, Kee generally returned come the recording studio v the choir. The consistently created albums together as not Guilty...The experience (2000), Blessed by combination (2002), and also Life & favor (2012), that supplied passionate worship & prayer mixed with modern R&B and also hip-hop to supply the post of redemption with Christ. In 2015, with Motown Gospel, he released the solo record Level Next, his 25th album overall. The peaked at number four on the Billboard Gospel chart. Ns Made It out arrived in 2019 and earned a GMA Dove compensation nomination. ~ Craig Harris